Tools of the Trade: Georgie Beauty Eyelash Curler

Georgie Beauty Eyelash Curler Review - Politics of PrettyRegardless of whether I wake up with five minutes to get ready or 40, I never leave the house without curling my lashes. Why? Because it opens up my pretty peepers. I’ve been using my Chanel Eyelash Curler for quite some time but when this Georgie Ultimate Eyelash Curler showed up on my doorstep (c/o Neiman Marcus), I was willing to give it a try. To note, this lightweight high-precision curler is padded with organic blue chamomile to condition natural lashes. It gently curls all of your lashes (yes, even the tiniest lash) without crimping or pinching, thus making my morning routine a cinch. I never pre-heat my curler so my method is pretty straightforward: place the curler near the base of your lash line and gently squeeze for three to five seconds. I usually like to walk the curler up my lashes to help capture any strays for a unified look. Pair this with your favorite mascara and I promise, this powerful duo will make you look ten times more awake.

Winks by Georgie, Georgie Beauty Ultimate Eyelash Curler $18