Why You Need to Download This New Beauty App

Makeup Genius Beauty App - Politics of PrettyWant to try on drugstore makeup without having to pay first? There’s an app for that. Unlike existing beauty apps that render colors onto a pre-uploaded static image, L’Oreal Paris Makeup Genius uses a facial mapping algorithm that allows women to try on eye shadow, eyeliner, lip products, and blushes, all in real time. The app captures 64 facial data points and 100 different facial expressions (even the infamous kissy face), making it intuitive enough to discern between the skin of the lips, eyes and other facial contours. Save your look and share it with your friends on social media. This app also has the capability to allow you to scan products in-store and try them on right away. Never look at another drugstore return policy again!

Here are two snapshots of some of the amazing looks you can virtually try on. You can try on pre-set looks or create your own using L’Oreal products. The first look is called “The Butterfly Look” by Billy B. Julianne Moore is my red head beauty muse (middle photo), so naturally I want to scoop up these products from her look the next time I head to CVS. And my third favorite look is one my man is modeling. I fooled a lot of my friends in to thinking I put makeup on my fiance thanks to this app—no wait, scratch that. I fooled a lot of my friends in to thinking Curt LET ME put makeup on him. First of all, there’s no way my fiancé would ever let me post a photo of him wearing makeup in real life. He doesn’t even let me kiss him when I’m wearing lip gloss! But even my fiancé had some fun with this app too.

Makeup Genius Beauty App Makeup Genius Beauty App Look 2 My fiance testing the makeup genius beauty app











You can download the Makeup Genius app FOR FREE today in the app store for iOS platforms.