Updated: The Best Glossier Makeup Products & Worst!

I don’t think I’ve ever been more loyal to a particular brand. Not just because I’m a rep—but because I’ve been a fan of Glossier makeup products since its inception with the Phase 1 set (the OG set—you know, the face mist, the priming moisturizer and the balm dotcom). Scroll down for all the Best Glossier Makeup Products, as well as worst!

 Best Glossier Makeup Products featured by top MD beauty blogger, The Beauty Minimalist

I don’t think I’ve ever been more loyal to a particular brand. Not just because I’m a rep—but because I’ve been a fan of Glossier makeup products since its inception with the Phase 1 set (the OG set—you know, the face mist, the priming moisturizer and the balm dotcom).

In celebration of a brand I love, I gathered up all the skincare and makeup products in my arsenal and got to work ranking each one. Packaging was taken into consideration with a bevy of other factors; effectiveness, frequency of use and first impressions were all fair game. I’ve broken them out by category: skincare, makeup and body/fragrance because you can’t compare Boy Brow to the likes of a mask (and let’s be real, Boy Brow is so much better).

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Glossier Balm Dotcom

This is my official Glossier Makeup Products ranking , from least to most favored:

Best Glossier Skincare Products (& Worst!)


16. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack:

I really wanted to love this but I couldn’t keep this on for even 10 minutes without my skin feeling uncomfortably warm. I can’t recommend this.

15. Moisturizing Moon Mask:

I’ve tested a bevy of moisturizing masks and this one is nice but doesn’t leave me thinking, I can’t live without it.

14. Milky Oil:

Compared to Milky Jelly, this is a much more effective makeup remover. However, it’s really easy for me to go through this tiny bottle if I use it every day. And for $12, it’s overpriced in my opinion.

13. Priming Moisturizer Rich:

I used to use this every night before bed but after I restocked, I noticed some breakouts. It’s a scented moisturizer so I’m not a big fan of it right now.

12. Invisible Shield:

For someone who hates wearing sunscreen, this is a nice lightweight alternative. If I’m wearing Skin Tint, I’ll apply this first but I usually prefer my Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. This bottle is also overpriced for the amount you get.

11. Solution:

I like to use a chemical exfoliator every three days and this is my go-to. If I use it any more than that, I notice my skin dries out.

10. Super Glow:

I like the new formulation of this serum. I only apply this in the morning before I moisturize. I wouldn’t say just yet that it gives me a glow like FutureDew but I do like the milky texture.

9. Priming Moisturizer Balance:

This is a nice lightweight, fragrance-free moisturizer. The lighter version of the classic PM. I’ve been using this regularly during the summer months but it’s definitely a seasonal moisturizer for combo and dry skin types. This is ideal for oily skin types.

8. Priming Moisturizer:

Having a smooth base prior to applying makeup is a must. I love the texture and weight of this non-scented buildable cream. Paired with the Skin Tint, my face looks dewy and feels smooth all day long.

7. Super Pure:

I use this every single morning before my face moisturizer. Sometimes I’ll layer it with Super Bounce or Super Glow. It works as a nice base to tone down any morning redness and smooth the way for skincare and makeup.

6. Super Bounce:

My favorite Super of the trio. Keeps my skin hydrated. I’m so glad they reformulated and packaged this in a bigger bottle.

5. After Baume

This is one of those products that could be your holy grail favorite… if you use it correctly. This is an occlusive moisturizer and can provide hydration for up to 24 hours but you need to make sure skin is freshly cleansed prior to using. Otherwise, it will just trap oil and dirt and potentially cause breakouts. That said, I was using it 2-3x per week through the winter months and it felt so good to wake up to hydrated, refreshed skin. Love the packaging too!

4. FutureDew:

While I love this product so much, it’s very much a seasonal skin/makeup product. I depend on this during the colder months when I need an extra boost of glowy hydration. I also like using it as a primer before makeup. Definitely a game changer for my skin texture because it has improved so much.

3. Balm Dotcom:

Balm Dotcom is my favorite tinted and untinted lip balm. A ranking within a ranking: Berry is my favorite scent to wear in the fall/winter and Coconut is my go-to during the warmer months. Birthday is a Balm Dotcom for all seasons. I do want to note this mini review is based on the OG formula. I have not yet tried the new formula so stay tuned!

2. Cleanser Concentrate:

For those that want a deep, pore-level clean, this is it. After using it for several weeks though I realize it’s not as potent as other exfoliating cleansers. I use it every other day in the evening and alternate with Milky Jelly. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll love this cleanser.

1. Milky Jelly Cleanser:

This has become my holy grail daily cleanser. It’s one of my most used Glossier products and I typically find myself restocking every 3 or 4 months.

Best Glossier Makeup Products (& Worst!)

Glossier monochromes and brow flick

17. Brow Flick:

Considering Boy Brow is one of my favorite products ever, I had high hopes for this. I’m not good at filling in my brows so that’s why its further down my list of favorites.

16. Generation G Lipstick:

“Popsicle” stained lips in theory sounds nice but I’m not typically a fan of a sheer matte formula. My lips need to stay hydrated at all times and I don’t feel like Gen G does that for me. That said, I do like a couple shades: “Like” (cool pink) is a favorite and “zip” is great if you want a toned-down daytime red.

15. Skywash:

A liquid-to-powder eyeshadow marketed as sheer, matte lid tint should be effortless to apply and gorgeous on the lids. I love the look and intent behind this product but some colors are more patchy than others. Application can also be tricky but I find a fluffy blending brush helps. I prefer Lidstar over Skywash.

14. Wowder:

Never dry, never cakey. And it matches my skin tone. I don’t use this as often as I used to but it does come in handy when I set my concealer.

13. Lip Gloss:

This lip gloss is kept in my handbag at all times. I like to apply the clear shade on the center of my lips for a glass-like finish.

12. Skin Tint:

On days when I don’t feel like wearing foundation, this very sheer tinted moisturizer is my go to. It evens out my skin tone for a smooth, dewy finish. That said, don’t expect any coverage from this product. I save this for my ‘no makeup’ makeup days.

11. Pro Tip:

I fell in love with wearing liquid eyeliner again thanks to this product. Pro Tip glides on smooth, dries quickly and you can’t possibly screw it up. It’s definitely a must-have for my glam makeup days although I do wish it came in a brown shade.

10. Solar Paint

I waited years for Glossier to release a bronzer and when they finally did, it left something else to be desired. The shade range is limiting. I would prefer a bronzer with a cool undertone. I like the sheen finish but I find the formula difficult to spread on certain parts of my face (usually my forehead and nose). Here’s hoping they expand the shade range.

9. No. 1 Pencil

Glossier has relaunched colored eyeliners, and they are the perfect formula for beginners. Application is smooth and the color range is *chef’s kiss*. Frame and Rococo are subtle, every day favorites. My only complaint though is that they need a sharpener. Until then, I can’t rank this higher on my list.

8. Lidstar:

I didn’t have high hopes for this cream eyeshadow but I’ve been wearing it often and I receive so many compliments. I’m really terrible at doing eye makeup so this is an easy shortcut. The shades are intended for a sheer, glowy wash of color. These also mix well together. I like to mix Cub + Herb for a pretty bronzy look. Lily also compliments my hazel eyes.

7. Monochromes 

Glossier now has three eyeshadow options: Skywash, Lidstar and Monochromes. Out of the three, I would say Monochromes is my new favorite. While I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging, I do like that the tin is reusable and the mirror pops out. Formula-wise, I love the ease of a ‘one and done’ eyeshadow but having it in three different finishes gives dimension and the illusion you spent a lot more time on your makeup. Jute and Mist are my favorite shades.

6. Haloscope:

I’m a highlighter junkie (see proof here) and I’m nearing the end of this tube. Mind you, I rarely have makeup empties because I rotate so many products into my routine but this is a first for highlighter. Moonstone is my absolute favorite shade, which gives me an opalescent glow but I also love using Quartz for a light pink glow.

5. Lash Slick:

Lash Slick is the best lengthening mascara I’ve used in a long time and it’s perfected for easy, everyday makeup! I never have to worry about flaking either. I alternate between this and my Tower 28 mascara.

4. Ultralip:

It’s a hybrid of a balm, gloss and lip tint rolled into one. I like this so much more than Gen G and it’s been my go-to lip color since it launched. Villa (a dusty rose) is my all-around favorite lip tint for any occasion. I also like Fête (a watermelon red) for a pop of color.

3. Stretch Concealer:

I use this concealer (I wear shade G12) almost every day and in terms of coverage, this has a light and dewy finish. I like using it for convenience and low-maintenance application. But I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for something with more coverage.

2. Boy Brow:

Filling in my brows has never been my forte. I’ve had bangs for half of my life and since I’ve grown them out I’ve had to give my brows some extra TLC. Boy Brow is great in my opinion because I can fill, tint and groom my brows into place in fell swoop. I never step outside without a swipe or two of Boy Brow.

1. Cloud Paint:

Cloud Paint is a dream cream blush. Puff is my everyday favorite and sometimes I mix it with Beam (for a peachy pink look) or Dusk (for a more toned down neutral). I like to wear Eve in the fall/winter season. There are numerous ways to customize your color just by mixing two or three of them. If you decide to order Cloud Paint, do yourself a favor and don’t peel back the seal. Instead, poke a tiny hole it in to deposit color that way you won’t waste product!

Best Glossier Fragrance & Body Products (& Worst!)

7. Hand Cream:

The scent of this hand cream is beyond amazing; however, it does have a slight plastic smell (I think from the packaging). And personally, I find the packaging to be bulky, not very sleek. I don’t regret purchasing and I will be using the hand cream because my hands are so dry from the necessary hand washing!

6. Body Hero Dry-Touch Oil Mist:

I love that the smell isn’t too intense and it sinks into skin within 15 minutes; however, I do have a slight issue with the packaging. The cap is not screwed on tight enough that it gradually unscrews itself between sprays. The bottle is quite heavy so it’s definitely not travel-friendly.

5. Glossier You Solid: 

In theory, a refillable, pocket-size solid compact sounds great and perfect for travel. But the packaging is heavy and isn’t the most convenient if you’re trying to pack light. Glossier needs to add a rollerball version to the lineup!

4. Body Hero Daily Oil Wash:

I LOVE this body wash. It smells so good and my arms and legs feel super smooth when I step out of the shower. This just kicked my little drugstore coconut body wash goodbye. The only downside is that it’s oil-based and I avoid using this in the summer when I’m using faux tanner.

3. Glossier Candle: Orange Blossom Neroli 

I was so excited when the brand released scented candles. I’ve tried both scents and I prefer Orange Blossom Neroli because it smells exactly like the Body Hero collection, clean and fresh. The You scented candle is nice but doesn’t smell quite as fragrant. The packaging is luxurious (can hold all your small essentials) and I’m excited to repurpose the jar to hold my makeup brushes. My only complaint is how expensive it is for the size you get.

2. Glossier You Perfume:

This has become my signature scent for work and weekend. It’s light and airy and it smells like, well, me. You can read my in-depth review of the perfume here.

1. Body Hero Perfecting Cream:

The scent smells AMAZING. Like, addictive. That said, it’s probably the most expensive bath & body care I’ve splurged on but I use every last drop.

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I’d love to know how my ranking of the best Glossier makeup products matches up to yours. Are you a Glossier fan? Let me know in a comment below!

Best Glossier Makeup & Skincare