Glossier You Perfume Review

L’eau Down: Glossier You Perfume Review

Glossier You Perfume Review for the everyday beauty minimalist

A review of Glossier You perfume via The Beauty Minimalist

It took me several years to find my signature scent. And even when I thought I did, it never really truly embodied me. Things changed in 2018 when I discovered Glossier You Perfume. It’s been my signature scent for the last two years and it’s unlike anything else in my collection.

I don’t consider myself to be a huge fragrance person but I always want to smell good, I mean, who doesn’t? Growing up, my grandmother always said to me “you’re never fully dressed without your fragrance” and that always stuck with me. I love how certain scents bring you back to an exact moment in time, a person, a place or other memorable moments.

Here’s what so unique about Glossier You Perfume – it smells different on everyone and adjusts to your body chemistry. It’s also made of mostly base notes, so it wears evenly all day and night. For me, this fragrance smells feminine, soft, fresh, and a little earthy. I love that it’s a nice balance between floral and woodsy; something I can wear every day for any occasion for all seasons.

What I love about this fragrance is how subtle and elegant it is. It’s far from overpowering compared to more expensive, mainstream scents. I also get so many compliments from friends and family (pre-COVID), but for now it’s just my husband and my cat that are within six feet to get a whiff of my favorite perfume.

Even on days when I don’t leave the house and I’m in loungewear, a small spritz makes me feel put together, complete.

Fragrance shopping is extremely personal, and like I mentioned earlier it will smell different on everyone.

This scent has a luxurious feeling despite the fact that the price tag is what I consider to be extremely reasonable ($60 for 1.7 fl oz).

You can shop Glossier You here. Want to try You without committing to the full bottle? Try You Solid, a pocket-size fragrance in the form of a solid perfume. A scented candle is also the newest addition to the You family.

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