True Life: I’m Addicted to Makeup (And I have the $400 receipt to Prove It)

That blog post title may come as a shock to you. Or not, because I do write a beauty blog. But yes, it’s true. Last weekend I went bankrupt. And I’m OK with that. My wallet? Not so much.

NARS lipsticks

On Saturday I was invited to a special morning of brunch, beauty and bloggers. Nordstrom invited me to their Fall Beauty Trend Show on Saturday. It called for an extra early wake-up call (I’m talking like, 7:30AM) but luckily, no makeup required. After a larger than life three-course brunch (I mean is Nordstrom high rollers or is Nordstrom high rollers?), I was treated to the ultimate makeup date with Clarisonic, NARS and Aveda (read: the ultimate beauty shopping spree).

It didn’t take more than 60 seconds (because that’s how quickly you can wash your face with this device) with the Clarisonic rep as she demo-ed the skin cleansing system on my face. Sold! I actually have been meaning to purchase this for a while. I got the Mia 2 in ‘pacific sunset.’ Total spent: $150.

I shuffled my way over to NARS for my makeup consultation. Before I dive in to all the amazing techniques and products I discovered at NARS, let me preface this part of the post by explaining to you that I never considered myself to be a “NARS” girl. I mean I only own a handful of their lip products and a blush or two. NARS is a very artistic beauty line and to those who wear minimal makeup, it can be really intimidating. The biggest discovery I made that day: it’s not intimidating at all. The NARS rep explained each step in my makeup application and how to properly apply for an every day look. A few favorites I splurged on: their Cream Compact Foundation (I will never wear powder foundation again), NARS Creamy Concealer, The Multiple in Copacabana (this has been on my to-buy list for a while)… and the list goes on. (This is the part when I went bankrupt.) Total: $212. To say I’m addicted to makeup is an understatement.

My final consultation was with Aveda. After divulging my hair secrets, I ended up purchasing their Volumizing Tonic and Pure Abundance Style Prep. Both are supposed to help add some lift and life to my tresses, because right now my hair is slacking in that department. So far, I’m pretty impressed with the Pure Abundance product. You can use it on damp or dry hair and the formula feels weightless on locks. Total damage: $48.

Are you a makeup addict like me? What’s the craziest amount you’ve spent on a beauty shopping spree?