Farmacy Skincare Review: Honeymoon Glow Night Serum

My sensitive skin has always been skeptical of overnight treatments, specifically resurfacing masks. I have a small fear of waking up and looking like a bright red tomato or even worse, covered in a rash from a single beauty product.…

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Glossier You Perfume Review

L’eau Down: Glossier You Perfume Review It took me several years to find my signature scent. And even when I thought I did, it never really truly embodied me. Things changed in 2018 when I discovered Glossier You Perfume. It’s…

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7 Makeup Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

What’s the secret to big, bright eyes? The answer may already be in your makeup bag. Over the years, I’ve picked up various tips and tricks to help brighten, illuminate and make my eyes appear bigger than they actually are.…

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The Best Beauty Products I Tried in 2020

To mark the end of 2020, it’s time for my year-end blog tradition—sharing my favorite beauty products of the year. Here’s a quick recap of my year: I continued to spend all my money at Sephora and renewed my Rouge…

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Best of Beauty 2020