Mejuri Jewelry Review and Collection

Mejuri Jewelry Review & Current Collection

Mejuri Thin Croissant Hoops and Diamond Necklace
Mejuri Diamond Necklace and Thin Croissant Dome Hoops

When I’m not spending my money on makeup and skincare, I’m usually spending it on jewelry. I’m excited to share my in-depth Mejuri jewelry review, including my honest experience with the brand and thoughts on each item I’ve purchased. If you love fine jewelry for everyday then this post is for you!

Let me start by saying I tend to gravitate towards delicate jewelry and that’s why I’ve taken a liking to Mejuri. It’s a Canada-based jewelry company that promises fair pricing that doesn’t compromise on quality. The two-day shipping is also a plus. Mejuri sells 14k gold, white gold, recycled gold as well as gold vermeil and sterling silver. They also have a beautiful collection of diamonds, pearls and gemstones. The brand drops new pieces every Monday.

I’m slowly starting to update and upgrade my currently everyday jewelry collection. For years I was content with wearing gold plated brass, which is not a bad thing; but it would tarnish quickly. They were also more trendy pieces and not something I reach for nowadays. My style has evolved quite a bit and now I prefer to invest in fine jewelry I can wear everyday.

My current Mejuri collection is a combination of 14k solid gold and gold vermeil (demi-fine jewelry), which is 18k gold on sterling silver. Gold Vermeil is a slightly more affordable metal compared to 14k gold but it does require more care. For reference, I never sleep or shower in my Mejuri jewelry with the exception of my huggie earrings.

My experience with purchasing from Mejuri is overall very positive. Every item is packaged in simple black dust bags and boxes, and come with a small polishing cloth. I appreciate that you have the option at checkout to opt for less packaging too (no box). The two-day shipping is a huge plus and I appreciate that Mejuri is transparent about estimated ship dates. Mejuri also has a two-year warranty from the date of purchase if there’s any damage to the material or defect.

I’ve been a customer for a year now and there’s only been one instance where I returned an item I wasn’t satisfied with. I purchased the Pave Diamond Necklace and unfortunately the 14k gold chain it came with arrived discolored. I knew I would be able to return it since it was within the return window so I reached out to customer service but the queue for a response was fairly long since it was during the holidays. The CS team was still very kind and helpful and the returns process was smooth.

Mejuri Necklaces

Mejuri Fine Jewelry Review and Collection
Mejuri Baby Box Chain, Vermeil bangle and Croissant Dome Cuff

Baby Box Chain Necklace

This was my very first Mejuri purchase and the chain is made of 14k solid gold. It looks so flattering on my fair skin tone and I like that it can be adjusted from 16 to 18 inches. I like wearing it with my vintage Chanel CC pendant.

Diamond Necklace

This is also 14k solid gold with a solo diamond. It reminds me of my Diamond by the Yard Necklace from Tiffany & Co. in sterling silver. I wear this necklace every single day and it’s a core piece in my fine jewelry collection. If I had to recommend one fine jewelry piece from the brand, this would be it.


Wearing Mejuri jewelry: bold huggie hoops and pave diamond slim signet ring
Wearing the Bold Huggie Hoops and Pave Diamond Slim Signet Ring

Sapphire Hoops

These are very cute, dainty gold vermeil and white sapphire earrings that go with just about any outfit for any occasion. Compared to other pieces in my collection, I don’t reach for these as often as I once did but they are really cute if you are looking for a pair of earrings for a reasonable price. These are also very ‘giftable’ and perfect for any celebration.

Croissant Dome Hoops

I love the look of these croissant shaped earrings and they were at the very top of my wish list when I shopped their annual sale. They elevate any look and they definitely fit the Parisian vibe if you’re looking for a statement earring. My only complaint is that they feel heavier than the usual earrings I reach for and that sometimes deters me from wearing them.

Thin Croissant Dome Hoops

During the annual sale I was torn between the traditional croissant dome and thin croissant style so I decided to purchase both. I definitely prefer the Thin Croissant Hoops because they are lighter in weight and seem more my style. These look best when I want to wear a large hoop and the croissant texture gives it a little something extra. If I had to choose between the two styles, I would choose the Thin Croissant Hoops!

Between Hoops

Can you believe this is my very first pair of 14k gold hoops? I’m so glad I purchased these during the sale. The diameter measures 18mm, making them the perfect hoop for every day. There’s a slight learning curve when it comes to opening and closing them but totally worth the purchase.

Bold Huggie Hoops

These are the most recent earrings I’ve ordered from Mejuri and it’s partially due to my quest for a simple, thicker everyday hoop. I love my Between Hoops but also wanted a small and chunky option in 14k gold. They are slightly larger in size compared to a huggie, which is my usual go-to earring style. I switch between wearing these and the Between Hoops the most.


Mejuri rings and Between Hoops
Mejuri Rings: Croissant Dome Ring, Pave Diamond Slim Signet and Honey Ring

Pave Diamond Slim Signet

I’ve never been into rings. Prior to my Mejuri hauls, the most expensive ring I ever owned was my engagement ring. The slim signet is the perfect dainty little ring I can wear every day and it looks so good stacked with other rings. It was pricey but totally worth it for such a classic piece. This is my favorite ring from Mejuri and I’m not sure I want to purchase another ring unless it’s pave diamonds!

Croissant Dome Ring

I really wanted a statement ring I could wear on my ring finger. This is one of my favorite rings in my collection and it was the gateway to my obsession with Mejuri. So far, the ring has held up really well since I purchased it almost four months ago. I haven’t experienced any tarnishing or discoloration and I wear this ring several times a week.

Honey Ring

This ring is on the “leaving soon” page so I don’t expect this to be around much longer. I picked this up during the annual sale and I just really love the little bee symbol.

Mejuri Jewelry Review: Bracelets

Mejuri Gold Vermeil Bangle and Croissant Dome Cuff
Mejuri Gold Vermeil Bangle and Croissant Dome Cuff

Vermeil Bangle

This bangle has been on my wish list since the beginning of last year. It was the reason I held out to shop during the once a year sale. My only con is that the diameter of this bangle is slightly bigger than I thought it would be so it could easily fall off my wrist if I don’t secure it further up my arm. Not the worst thing in the world but still a minor annoyance.

Croissant Dome Cuff Bracelet

Can you tell I love the Croissant collection? I already have two pairs of earrings and a croissant ring, so I figured I may as well add the cuff bracelet to my collection. No regrets about this purchase! This fits me better than the bangle and looks great with billowy blouses and dresses.

Bottom line, is Mejuri jewelry worth the splurge? Based on the pieces I’ve purchased, I think the 14k gold jewelry is stunning and a must-have if you love dainty and delicate jewelry. When comparing Mejuri to other DTC online retailers, it was impossible to find 14k gold pieces at Mejuri prices. While the gold vermeil pieces are stylish and more affordable, not all of them are worth the price in my opinion. Sometimes, it’s better to save for the real deal then settle for less.

Thank you for reading my Mejuri jewelry review. You can shop Mejuri using the links in this blog post and below. As an affiliate, I do make a commission when you shop through my links. If you do, thank you so much!

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