My Current Glossier Makeup Routine

I feel like all I ever blog about is Glossier makeup these days. Is that bad? I’m not testing as many products as I once used to because I’m finding that if I stick to the products I know and love, the less skincare problems I deal with.

It’s not even April and Glossier has launched more products than I can count. Back in January they launched more shades in the Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. Then, in February they launched Milky Oil, a micellar water makeup remover that can be used on waterproof makeup. This month we were introduced to Glossier Play, a new collection of dialed-up makeup products and just last week they launched Mango Balmdotcom and I am DYING to try it. Anyways, so much Glossier makeup that my life has been consumed by all these new product launches.

With warmer weather slowly creeping in, my every day makeup routine has a lot more color and of course, very dewy skin. I’ve been using less Priming Moisturizer Rich and switched back to the original Priming Moisturizer. I scooped up the Skin Tint in G11, a light neutral shade that I like even more than the original version of “light.” I’m not gonna lie, I can’t remember the last time I wore foundation because I use this every. single. day.

Also, this version of Stretch Concealer is even better than before. I use the shade G12 (lightest shade) and it helps eliminate any redness and discoloration around my eyes and nose. I also use just a tad bit of setting powder under my eyes, on my forehead and chin using Wowder. Now, on to color.

Glossier makeup swatches: Cloud Paint, Colorslide, Niteshine, and Vinylic Lip

For cheek color, I’ve been mixing Cloud Paint in puff and beam together for a peachy-pink glow. In the winter I was mixing puff and dusk, so this slight adjustment feels a little more “sunshine and rose.”

Originally in my Glossier Play review I wasn’t a big fan of Niteshine in pale pearl but after using it for a couple weeks it’s really grown on me. The pale pearl looks very flattering on my very pale skin. Also, the small doe foot applicator makes it easier to apply compared to my beloved Haloscope (still love it though).

The more I use Lash Slick, the more I love it. I know it’s not for everyone (especially those who love dramatic, thick lashes) but I’m into elongated lashes and just this does the trick.

I stopped wearing eyeliner until I purchased Colorslide in stable relationship (a moss green). For subtle eye definition, I love it. I like to smudge it on my upper and lower lash line (I feel like it brings out my dark green/hazel eyes).

There are other shades I would love to try but I’m a little risk-adverse when it comes to wearing colored eyeliner these days. There’s just something about it that reminds me of my middle school days when I used to wear turquoise eyeliner. YIKES.

I was never a fan of the Generation G lippies (they just felt SO DRY on my lips) so I was thrilled to get my hands on Vinylic Lip. The cushiony glossy texture feels comfortable on my lips and I love this bright candy pink shade. I definitely want to repurchase a couple other shades but I hope they expand the range as well.

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What does your current makeup routine look like? Let me know in the comments!