Editor’s Picks: Met Gala Beauty 2014

Blake Lively Makeup at Met Gala 2014

Blake Lively Met Gala NARS Makeup

Dree Heimngway Met Gala 2014

Jessica Pare NARS Makeup Met Gala

NARS Cosmetics

So I usually stray from posting celebrity photos on the blog, but I have to admit, I couldn’t get enough of last night’s Met Gala and the glamorous looks that hit the red carpet. Here are my favorite Met Gala beauty looks from last night’s star-studded event: First, cue the I’m So Fancy song. First up, Blake Lively. I mean, this girl can do no wrong. Elaine Offers for NARS Cosmetics created a look to nod to Charles James’ aesthetic. She looked very vintage Hollywood but modernized it with a muted red lip. My favorite hair look of the evening goes to Dree Hemingway I love the vintage waves (it’s actually a ‘do I’ve been thinking about for my wedding). My third favorite look goes to Jessica Paré… very Audrey Hepburn with the up-do and pink lip. Mai Quynh for NARS Cosmetics says this is the first time they went bold for the red carpet and decided to forego the eyeliner and instead create a wash of metallic on the eyes. Which beauty looks were your favorite from last night? I have a feeling a NARS makeup shopping binge will be happening during my lunch break today…

 Celebrity photos via Glamour and Vogue; Product shots courtesy of NARS Cosmetics