Current Beauty Favorites

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog (and bare with me, I recently started a new job so things have been hectic). I’m excited to begin a new job but more importantly, it’s great to have a reason to do my makeup every morning. That said, I’m popping in to share four current beauty favorites I’m completed obsessed with!

NARS Climax Mascara

I haven’t purchased a prestige tube of mascara in over a year and this was a risky splurge. I was very dependent on those Sephora reviews. I’ll cut to the chase though—I’ve been wearing this mascara every day since I bought it. I love it! It adds all the drama my lashes desperately need and I love that it adds volume and length without clumping. It’s also easy to remove at night with a Simple makeup wipe.

Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss Stick

This hasn’t left my Gucci handbag. I take it with me everywhere—from the grocery store to my cubicle. The shade Sugar Sugar is the perfect champagne-gold with a beautiful shimmer that makes my lips glow. Not sure I will ever use traditional lip gloss again!

Smashbox Cream Lipstick

Here’s another recent purchase I haven’t made in ages, a red lipstick! Fun fact: this is also my first ever Smashbox lipstick. I love my Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso but it has a matte finish and I was on the hunt for something with a more satin finish. I’m excited to wear this during the holiday season but it’s also a beautiful red for just about any occasion. I bought the shade Legendary.

OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray

Combined with shampooing twice, I can usually go up to four days without having to wash my hair. My husband thinks it’s gross that I don’t wash my hair every day but sorry not sorry! This isn’t explicitly a dry shampoo but I basically treat it like one. I spray this on Day 1 after I blow dry my hair to extend my blowout and sometimes on Day 3/4 for a refresh (and to keep my hair smelling good). The scent is incredible. I wish they made a perfume.

I’d love to know if you have any current beauty favorites you’re loving right now. Let me know in the comments!

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