Wedding Talk: An Update on My Wedding Dress

Greek Wedding Inspiration

It’s been a while since I updated you on my upcoming nuptials. I’m saving all my best October beauty posts for later this month so I thought I’d take today for some wedding talk and discuss another aspect of my life.

The wedding dress: You may remember back in July I started to have second thoughts about my wedding dress. I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses I got from that post (thank you to everyone that took the time to leave their feedback and make me feel better about my situation). In August, I followed through with one more bridal gown appointment I had at this ultra romantic boutique in Georgetown. My experience there fell nothing short of amazing—my stylist was so helpful and the dresses I tried on were beautiful. But guess what? I couldn’t envision myself in any of them. That’s right, I decided to keep the dress! It’s funny how instances like these come full circle. While the dress that’s been hanging in my closet didn’t necessarily meet the expectations I dreamed up in my mind, I can’t imagine myself wearing anything else. I can’t wait to shop for accessories and style it for the big day!

The venue: When I first got engaged, I envisioned myself getting married at my Greek church and having the reception at a nearby hotel. When I started doing research, the price per person for food and beverage alone was absolutely ridiculous. Having a small reception is nearly impossible with my big fat Greek family but I kept looking. For a while I was 90 percent sure I was going to rent my church’s ballroom out for the evening (it was a reasonable price, especially for being in DC), but once I started realizing all the moving pieces involved (catering, lighting, décor, tables, chairs…), I got a little overwhelmed and wasn’t sure I’d be able to manage all of that. It was by the recommendation of my aunt to visit the Hyatt Regency in Bethesda and here I am, having my wedding reception at a hotel! My biggest challenge so far has been budgeting for everything and the Hyatt has been more than accommodating. Now all I have to worry about is the invitations, the favors, the DJ and the flowers.

I’m currently perusing different types of wedding cakes, centerpieces and floral inspiration on Pinterest. Have a vendor suggestion or DIY wedding idea? I’m all ears!

Photo via Pinterest