In Hairstyles We Trust: Knots, Buns & Braids


Double Knot

Loopy bun


If your tresses could talk, what would they say? Personally, my hair is probably bored with my minimal styling efforts and lack of color care. The good news is I have Pinterest to help bring my hair back to life. I swear, I could pin pretty hairstyles on Pinterest every single day. Here are three knots, braids and buns that caught my eye this week.

The Double Knot—I love cool, laid-back hairstyles and I’m determined to find a tutorial for this look. Judging by the name, I’m assuming you just double knot your hair but it looks a little bit more complicated.

The Loopy Bun—This a simple yet tried and true style that in my opinion, never goes out of style. This works for work, gym or weekend. No tutorial needed!

The Pomp-a-Braid—This photo looks like it was taken backstage at a previous fashion week but I’m on a mission to find what show and when. The Mohawk braid definitely adds a punk element to a classic romantic updo.

What do you think of these knots, braids and buns?