Every VS Supermodel’s Secret Weapon

How to get VS supermodel hair - Politics of Pretty

If you watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Monday like me, you had two thoughts: I need to go to the gym (stat) and every model’s hair is literally perfection.

Surprisingly, the hair was probably the least complicated aspect of the angels pre-show grooming, thanks to one hero tool: the Beachwaver. Unlike traditional curling irons, the Beachwaver rotates in either direction (push a button for left or right and then Go to start curling) and all you have to do is hold on tight. The ceramic barrel won’t damage your hair and you can make the curls as loose or tight as you want.

The models’ look is super easy to achieve at home. I start by letting my hair air dry with a bit of oil (I like Dove Elixir Oil) combed through. Then I use the Beachwaver to create loose waves all around my head with varying quantities of hair (this is key to keep the look natural). To finish, I’ll spritz a few drops of a salt spray into my hands, rub together to warm, then flip my head over and scrunch my hair while running my fingers through the curls to loosen them a bit more.

—Kait Clark

ICYMI: My friend & fellow beauty product junkie, Kait, is a resident guest blogger for Politics of Pretty. Read more of her posts here.