Tools of the Trade: ManiGuard

ManiGuard Review - Politics of Pretty

I’ve been cutting back on trips to the nail salon since the holiday season began—actually, I’ve avoided the nail salon altogether so I could reallocate my mani/pedi expenses towards Christmas gifts for my loved ones. It’s been both a blessing and a curse—until ManiGuard showed up on my doorstep.

Usually when I do my nails they don’t look very… professional, if you will. You need a steady hand for an at-home manicure, and no matter how slow I go I can’t seem to avoid the spillage. Then I’m frantically trying to clean up with remover around the edges but I just end up creating more of a mess!

ManiGuard Review - Politics of Pretty

ManiGuard is the first ever non-toxic, latex-free nail guard when you’re DIY-ing your nails at home. One $10 pack gives you 26 guards—pretty shaped flower petals in a few different colors (so your digits can look pretty while you polish).

This is probably one of the most needed (and most clever) nail tools I’ve recently discovered. I’ve been using them for every at-home polish and it’s truly made a difference in my routine. These are super easy to apply—simply peel each sticker around the edges of your nails and then generously apply your base coat, polish and top coat without having to worry about the mess. Love nail art? These guards can double its purpose when you cut them in halves or thirds.

You can scoop up a pack here for just $10. Here’s a quick tutorial you can watch (not that I think you’ll need it!). Also, check out my recent nail polish picks below— perfect for the holiday and winter season!