How to Pack Light: Travel Beauty Tips

DC Beauty Blogger, Kara Ferguson, shares her best travel beauty tips for summer vacations

I love the feeling I get when I’m gearing up for a summer vacation. But it’s always a daunting task when it comes to packing up my beauty routine.

This is what I faced last week when I was packing for my trip to Ocean City. I tend to overpack for every trip I go on (because you know, options). But this time around I really wanted to save myself the extra suitcase space. Packing up last week was more successful than I anticipated because I actually followed through on my own summer travel beauty tips and wanted to share them here.

At home I’m typically using full-size products and most of my skincare products are in glass jars or large tubes. So, first things first: get yourself some travel containers so you can take your favorite products with you.

Decanting can be a little time consuming but it’s so worth it. Packing up my favorite cleanser, toner, body wash, etc. in reusable travel bottles make it so much easier to fit in my suitcase. I also never have to worry about leakage and/or breakage.

If you don’t want to decant your skincare products, then I recommend taking all of those free samples you acquire with every Sephora order. My only advice if you do this is to make sure you’ve tried the products prior to bring with you. Otherwise you might not like what you bring (or you could have a bad reaction!).

I also try to stick to a very simple routine while I’m on vacation. In other words, only one cleanser, one body wash, one tube of mascara, one blush, etc.

Now for makeup. Ugh. This is always a challenge for me. I ALWAYS overpack my makeup bag because I’m never really sure what I want to wear/bring and then on top of it, I like having options.

Packing for my trip was successful because I only packed up the makeup I knew I was going to use. I’m very minimal when it comes to wearing makeup on a beach vacation so I opted for my Kosas Tinted Face Oil and my travel-size Tartelette eyeshadow palette. I also want to note if I pre-plan my outfits for the trip, then I have a better idea of what makeup I want to pair with it (that way I’m not packing a bunch of random eyeshadows/eyeliners I won’t use). I guess my best advice is, avoid packing makeup that has bulky packaging.

Pack your powder compacts with care. A broken powder compact is heartbreaking to say the least so it’s a safe bet if you put a cotton ball between the mirror and the makeup to avoid that fiasco altogether.

Lash slick, Boy Brow and Cloud Paint were obviously in my makeup bag as well when I was in OC. All of them basically fit in the palm of my hand so they are relatively small. I love that Lash Slick is water resistant (but not waterproof) so it never smudged during the day and was easy to remove at night. Cloud Paint in puff is my favorite cream blush so naturally I wore this just about every day and Boy Brow is the only brow product I use and love. I could go on and on about my favorite Glossier products so I recommend you check out my listicle of my favorite Glossier products ranked from least to most favored. And of course, you can shop Glossier with me here.

Let me know your best summer travel beauty tips in the comments!

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