5 Tips for a DIY Blowout

There is nothing I love more than a really great blowout. I splurge on them monthly at Drybar (but recently it became totally worth it because I was their 111,111,110th customer and scored a year of free blowouts!). But hair lotteries like that only happen once in a lifetime, so for those that don’t want to break their bank account on trips to the salon, I’ve rounded up five tips for a DIY blowout to make sure your next one at home falls nothing short of fabulous. You can also find me today on Belle Belle Beauty, sharing my favorite hair tools and products!

Tips for a DIY Blowout

Less is more when it comes to post-shower hair products. Too much product can take away from your near perfect blowout. Start with a nickel-size amount of your favorite heat-protective product and then add more products post-blowout if you need it. Try to stick to multi-tasking treatments (it will save you so much time and money!)

Invest in a good blow dryer. I used to be that girl that would pick up a new dryer at the drugstore on a regular basis but then I got this hand-me-down T3 dryer and it changed my life. That little thin hairpiece that you attach at the end of any dryer is a must (especially if you want a straight and sleek blowout). In terms of technique, start working from the bottom up, pinning top layers as you work your way up. Start from the roots going down with the nozzle of the dryer.

Don’t underestimate the power of a paddle brush. I’m no hair artist so naturally; drying my hair with a round brush is like having all the right cards and not knowing how to use them. A paddle brush is easier to use and by rotating different angles with a dryer, can still do the job (without any tricks).

Hit the cool button before you unplug. I like to blast cool air on my ‘do to help manage any heat frizz. Plus it feels so nice after you’ve worked up a sweat with all that hot air in your face.

Spray roots with a dry shampoo. Sometimes I forget what the world was like before dry shampoo (but when I do, it’s down right terrifying). Instead of waiting to refresh hair two days in—I highly recommend spraying a little dry shampoo post-blowout to help prolong your refreshed ‘do.

Now that you’ve read my top my five tips, check out my favorite products  for your next DIY blowout over on Belle Belle Beauty today!