Glossier Capsule Collection For The Makeup Minimalist

The top 10 Glossier essentials for the makeup minimalist

A Glossier Capsule Collection for the makeup minimalist

I love sharing with you all my favorite Glossier tips and product reviews; but today, I want to share with you the top 10 Glossier essentials for the makeup minimalist.

There’s no denying makeup shopping can be overwhelming. I like to think of this as a Glossier Beauty capsule collection. The positive to Glossier products: they don’t have multiples to choose from and they still maintain a small amount of SKUs. If you’re looking for my thoughts on the best and worst Glossier products, check out my Glossier guide here.

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Skin Tint: This is a great product for any makeup minimalist; when you don’t want to feel the heaviness of foundation and just want to even out your skin tone. There is very little coverage with this product but for me it’s worked great as a simple base before applying Stretch Concealer.

Stretch Concealer: This is my favorite concealer. It has a soft texture that melts into skin and gives you more coverage without drying or caking. I find that using my ring finger works best but a concealer brush also gets it done.

Wowder: If you’re skin is looking a little more dewy than you want after using Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer, then Wowder will help control those oily areas. For me, I usually apply a light amount under my eyes to set the concealer.

Boy Brow: For a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, a defined brow is key. If you already have full brows, then you’ll love Boy Brow. The tinted pomade will define brows and groom them into place.

Cloud Paint: A cream blush is ideal if you have dry skin. These are easy to use and buildable. Puff is my go-to everyday shade and sometimes I’ll mix it with Beam (a light peach) or Dusk (a nude beige). This is the only cream blush I know, love and use often. For a monochromatic face + eye look, I’ll sometimes blend Dusk/Puff into my crease.

Haloscope: My favorite highlighter in my makeup bag (and it has been for a long time!) The moisturizing core makes it glide easily on the high points of my face without looking greasy. Moonstone is my favorite shade.

Lidstar: I’m including Lidstar in this capsule collection because a nice wash of color on your lids can make a huge difference. You definitely get a nice “eye glow” with Lidstar. I have hazel eyes so I find that Cub, Lily and Cub + Herb (mixed together) really makes my eye makeup pop.

Lash Slick: It’s the only mascara Glossier sells but I wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t think it was truly a great mascara. It’s like lash extensions without the hassle. It’s the best mascara for the makeup minimalist and it’s easy to remove with any basic makeup remover.

Lip Gloss: To be more specific, clear lip gloss. As much as I love Balm Dotcom, I truly can’t live without clear lip gloss. It’s the easiest way to ‘dress up’ your everyday look.

Glossier You: You’re never fully dressed until you’ve put on your perfume Growing up, that’s what my Yiayia (Greek for grandmother) always said. I have searched high and low for an easy, everyday signature fragrance. This fragrance is unique in the sense that the base notes will transform and smell different on everyone.

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