How to Wear Killer Heels Without Killing Your Feet: Sole Goddess

Sole Goddess Foot Balm ReviewWith every new pair of stellar shoes, comes a bevy of not-so-pretty blisters. It’s like side effects of what I like to call, Fabulous Shoe Syndrome (FSS). We can’t really avoid achy feet and blisters galore with every new pair of shoes we buy… until now. Ladies, I’m putting my foot down and it is not going to hurt, thanks to my latest discovery: Sole Goddess Foot Balm.

Founded by Danielle Lutz, the Chicago image consultant wanted to solve the big killer shoe conundrum. Every woman loves a pair of killer heels but no one wants them to kill our feet. Consider Sole Goddess like a lip balm for your feet. When your lips are dry, chapped and cracking, what do you do? Apply a moisturizing lip balm that keeps them soft and smooth, of course. Sole Goddess has a special formula that creates this invisible shield between your shoes and your feet, preventing blisters and calluses before they even form.

The first time I tried out this foot balm, I was breaking in a pair of Rebecca Taylor glitter pumps before a pre-White House Correspondents Dinner Party. I was definitely skeptical at first, I just didn’t think a clear foot balm would cut it. I swiped this non-sticky balm on the pads of my feet, around my heels and the sides of my pinky toes (the usual blister locations) and decided to give it a shot for the night. I was standing for about three and a half hours that night. When it was time to leave, I began my two-block walk back to my car and it wasn’t until I started walking I realized it: my feet weren’t hurting. No blisters, no limping. I thought it was too good to be true. It was like Cinderella leaving the ball without her dress falling a part or pumpkin smashing. But then I gave it a try when I went to work a couple days later in a new pair of wedges, and I was blister free for eight hours. Here’s to bigger and better shoe days sans blisters!

Sole Goddess Blister Protection Foot Balm, $18.50

No one paid me to write this post, I just wanted to share my awesome experience using this product with you!