Revenge Wears Prada Book Party Recap + Giveaway

Last Thursday I descended downtown (driving through a storm or two) to attend the Revenge Wears Prada party and book signing with Lauren Weisberger at The W Hotel DC. I noshed on way too many Revenge Wears Prada themed mini Georgetown Cupcakes and sipped on sweet summer cocktails (I highly recommend the St. Hilaire, with St. Germaine Elderflower, champagne and a lemon peel), but it was worth every calorie. (Special shout out to BrandLinkDC for organizing another fabulous event!) Words can’t quite describe how awesome it was to meet the woman behind the best-selling book, The Devil Wears Prada. When I got to meet Ms. Weisberger in person, I couldn’t help but feel obligated to share with her my horrible boss story (I mean our lives were all but too similar… minus the book deal.) She was incredibly nice, down to earth and her response to my bad boss experience summed it up best: “Yay for getting out of there!”

Politics of Pretty

To celebrate the new sequel to one of my favorite books (and movies), I’m sharing with you my horrible boss story:

My (former) horrible boss was the reason I got my dream job (at the time) at a local lifestyle magazine… and the same reason why I lost it. She hired me as an editorial assistant before she transitioned in to a different role at the publication. My (almost) two years there were amazing in every way (mainly because the person I ended up working for was awesome). But after my beloved boss left the magazine, the horrible boss became my boss again, and made my work life a living hell for a month. She upped my deadlines and sent me threatening emails on a regular basis (the worst thing a horrible boss could do is make you look like a horrible employee in writing). I knew she was setting me up to fail but I had no idea I was setting myself up to get laid off. I used to get this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach every morning because I dreaded going to work, unsure what she was going to belittle me about this time. She was a bully. She had me pitching story ideas for the next issue the day before I was let go… all of which she had nixed. Over the course of the next two issues, I saw those same story ideas I pitched, sprinkled across the pages of the magazine. It wasn’t until she caught me off guard one afternoon, asked if I “had a second,” lured me in to her office, and had HR on hold before she told me that she was terminating my position without any explanation. She walked me back to my office and stood over my desk as I packed up my belongings, making sure I wouldn’t take anything (as if I wanted the office stapler or something!). At the time, I had an entire old filing cabinet-turned-beauty closet filled with my most prized makeup possessions. And your damn right I took my sweet ass time as I emptied it out and boxed that stuff up.

Little does she know, the best thing a former employee can do is write about their horrible boss on the web. This is what I call, internet karma.

Revenge Wears Prada

Leave a comment below and tell me your horrible boss (or co-worker) story and you’ll be automatically entered to win a signed copy of Lauren Weisberger’s new novel, Revenge Wears Prada

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