Are You The One? The Ultimate Drybar Blowout Sweepstakes

Win a lifetime of blowouts at DrybarDrybar, the leading hair blowout destination, is close to reaching its 1,111,111th client—and the fabulous hair shop is celebrating by giving away free monthly blowouts FOR LIFE to one lucky duck customer who books that special blowout! This is basically my version of winning the lottery.

It’s hard to believe Drybar opened shop just three years ago in the Brentwood, CA neighborhood that has now grown in to 28 shops nationwide (proud to say two of which are in the DC area!).

But the celebration for this huge milestone does not stop at just one lucky customer. Now through Sunday, June 23rd, anyone that purchases $100 or more of Drybar products or tools online or in-store (think must-have hair tools like the Buttercup blow dryer and can’t-live-without hair products like Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray among other favorites), will get a blowout on the house.

P.S. If you’re in the DC or Bethesda area this weekend, make sure to follow @thedrybar on Twitter for the DC Scavenger Hunt! Drybar is hiding blowout coasters all over DC and Bethesda, posting clues as to their whereabouts on Twitter. Basically, the beauty version of Where’s Waldo.