NYC Glossier Showroom Visit + Haul

How was your weekend? My husband I traveled to Brooklyn for an early celebration of our 3rd wedding anniversary. We also made a quick visit to celebrate our nephew’s first birthday just north of the city!

I’ve been very eager to visit the NYC Glossier Showroom since it first opened; however, the opportunity never presented itself until now.

Somehow I was able to convince my husband to willingly go into Manhattan and patiently wait in line with me so I could experience the showroom. He’s a great husband.

When we arrived there was a small line outside the building but it went very quickly, I think we waited at most 5 or 6 minutes.

The penthouse is much smaller in person compared to what I’ve seen online. Now I understand why there was a wait outside. It was a little cramped just sifting through the showroom. I didn’t care though—it was a beautiful space to peruse all the Glossier products and swatch to my heart’s content. All the products were perfectly presented on long white tables with a bevy of beauty tools to clean up after the mess.

It was refreshing to not have to deal with overzealous sales associates that are constantly pushing products compared to other popular beauty emporiums. The Glossier associates I interacted with were friendly and helpful, but not pushy. Trying on products is encouraged and there were plenty of women using the large mirrors to apply makeup and skincare samples.

Since I own practically every product on the website, there was only one thing I wanted to check out in person—specifically the beloved Glossier sweatshirt—the non-beauty item in their online shop. The sweatshirt is true to size so I ended up getting a medium for an oversized fit.  I also purchased the mini Milky Jelly Cleanser (perfect for travel!), Zit Stick (haven’t tried it yet but eager to see if it works) and the Perfecting Skin Tint. I was hoping to snag Generation G in zip, a sheer matte red, but they were out of stock.

Honestly, it’s a miracle I didn’t buy out the whole showroom. I was tempted to restock on a few items and splurge on the Glossier fragrance but I guess having my husband patiently wait on a bench in the penthouse was keeping me in check, haha!

A showroom associate helped me place my order and then I patiently waited for someone to call my name and hand me my shopping bag. The classic pink bubble wrap pouches and my Glossier sweatshirt were conveniently packaged in a pink branded bag that had a sticker with my name on it. Could this experience be any more awesome?

Don’t get me wrong—it’s always special to receive that little brown Glossier box that lands on my door—but I truly enjoyed my visit to the NYC Glossier showroom. If you’re planning a trip to New York any time soon, you should definitely stop by!

Fingers crossed Glossier decides to open a pop-up in the DC area relatively soon… otherwise, until next time New York!

If you’re new to Glossier or curious about a certain product then check out my extensive Buying Guide to all the Glossier products. You can also shop Glossier with me here (as an affiliate, I do make a small commission).

Have you been to the NYC Glossier Showroom? I’d love to hear about your experience!