Fresh Brightening Face Mask Review

Fresh Brightening Face Mask - Politics of Pretty

The Mask: Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

What it does: This brightening face mask revives dullness, uneven texture and skintone. It has a concentrated blend of 50 percent crushed citrus fruits that promises to reveal radiant skin in just one use. Yes, you read that right… real bits of fruit in this mask!

How to apply: Gently massage the formula onto cleansed skin using circular motions. Let sit for 10 minutes, remove with warm water.

What it felt like: I felt a constant tingling sensation so 10 minutes of this on my face felt like an eternity for some reason. That being said, I could definitely feel the brightening face mask working.

What I did while I masked: Got into the Halloween spirit, lighting pumpkin candles and watching Hocus Pocus. I love the fall season!

The results: This is what happens when you combine beauty and fruit—smells amazing and the results are amazing. I started using this back when I was traveling quite a bit and with drastic weather change from state to state wreaking havoc on my skin, I was very impressed by how noticeably clearer my skin looked. I’ve learned its best to remove the mask in the shower—using a washcloth just doesn’t cut it. The price point is certainly steep but if you’re on the hunt to fade dark spots or improve the clarity of your skin, this could be worth every penny.

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