A Thank You Note to Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Wedding dress

Olivia Palermo’s recent wedding nuptials got me thinking about my own. The web is abuzz with her non-traditional wedding dress reports and quite frankly, I’m more than impressed. I mean how often do you see a bride wear shorts on her wedding day? From her relaxed pony to her deep blue Manolos, Olivia killed it with an unconventional but chic look.

It actually got me thinking about my own wedding. The past week or so has a bit of a headache when it comes to wedding planning. To put it simply, I feel lost. And broke. On a consultation call with a potential wedding planner, she asked me what my budget was. When I told her she replied with, “Unfortunately, that’s not enough for a DC wedding.” I wasn’t aware “DC weddings” had a minimum cost. I get it, nothing is cheap these days. But I thought with my ceremony and affordable wedding reception venue option that I would be able to pull off a DC wedding within my budget. The real kicker is that she still had the nerve to send me a proposal for her ridiculously expensive services.

And then of course there’s the dress. Post-vacation, I’ll be ready to continue the search for my wedding dress but after seeing Olivia pull off this gorgeous three-piece Carolina Herrera, I’m inspired to do something different. I know everyone says it’s once in a lifetime occasion but it’s one day. My dear friend, Cap Hill Style, recommended Tradesy, which buys and sells gently used wedding attire and accessories. I could find the dress of my dreams on there for a lot less money. Even though Olivia Palermo is ridiculously wealthy, her non-traditional wedding dress restored my faith that I can still have the wedding I want (though I’m sure she paid a lot for those shorts). So thank you, Olivia, for renewing my inspiration to prove to anyone that tries to tell me, “I can’t,” when I certainly can.

Photo credit: Johannes Huebl via OliviaPalermo.com