Mask Magic: Perfect Pout Lip Mask Duo

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The Mask: Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask + Balm Duo

What it does: This is a hydrating and lip plumping treatment to help enhance fullness and prevent dry, chapped skin.

How to apply: Start by spreading a layer of Kaplan LIP 20 Mask directly onto lips and extend a little past your natural lip line to treat fine lines around the mouth. Let sit for three to five minutes and then wipe off any excess product with a tissue. After masking, coat your lips with Lip 20 Balm Ultra Hydrating Treatment.

What it felt like: It has a peppermint scent but at no point did it sting my lips. It was certainly tolerable

What I did while I masked: Hung out in my hotel room in St. Louis (I’m here for a conference) while catching up on my favorite blogs.

The results: Let me just preface by saying, I have weird shaped lips. I have a thin top lip and a full bottom lip. So when I try products that promise lip plumping at its best—it’s usually because I’m desperate to try to make my lips look more even. This lip mask definitely made my lips feel softer and easily wiped away dead skin but I couldn’t see any trace of plumping going on. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough for the formula to sink in? Or I didm’t lay it on thick like the photos I’m looking at on Google right now. That might be it. I’m not sure but I’m willing to give it another try. I think the star product in this two-step process is the Ultra Hydrating Treatment. I applied it before I went to bed and woke up with stellar soft lips and absolutely no cracks (because we all know there’s nothing more painful than chapped lips).

You can scoop up this lip mask duo here for $24.

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