Babe Alert: Coffee Body Scrub

Babe Coffee Body Scrub Review - Politics of PrettyI’ve been a little resistant to the organic skincare craze, but Babe, the whip-smart new Australian line straight from founder Kim Peirce’s kitchen table has me reconsidering. Featuring plant-based botanicals and organic ingredients, her line of body care products – body lotion, hand soap, body wash and scrubs – smell just as divine as they are effective.  Energetic and positive encouragements (to name a few: “There’s not a hint of mediocrity in you” + “Love your own wild) are splashed across the bottles and the chic packaging freshens up your vanity.  My favorite product, the Coffee Body Scrub, is dry – meaning the particles aren’t swimming in oils or liquid – and the caffeine from the sand-like ground coffee beans sloughs away dead skin cells and enhances skin tonality.

—Kait Clark

ICYMI: My friend and fellow beauty product junkie, Kait Clark, is a resident guest blogger for Politics of Pretty.

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