The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Refreshing Dirty Hair

I suffer from second—OK, fine, third day dirty hair syndrome. Usually post-blowout, my hair is voluminous and shiny. Then after a good night’s rest, I wake up and my hair turns flat, my bangs look oily and I find myself in the worst morning jam before work.

Thankfully, someone else who suffered from my similar symptoms came up with a genius idea… dry shampoo. If you’ve never heard of or used dry shampoo before, it’s a product used to remove excess oil, dirt, and other pollutants…. basically a mini shower in a bottle. It’s seriously my life saver time and time again (I mean, how did we ever manage without it??). Dry shampoo is such a quick and easy short cut to clean and fresh tresses (like, for a day, not forever). While I have yet to find a powder that does the trick (not a fan of any powdery white residue), I’m a devout dry shampoo spray type of girl.

Dry Shampoo

For all you fellow hair bums out there, here is my lazy guide to reviving dirty hair in just a few minutes:

1. Pick your weapon of choice. I’ve collected quite the arsenal of dry shampoo sprays but Victoria’s Secret Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo ($14) is my current go-to. This no-water needed formula refreshes strands, adds some volume and smells really, really good.

2. Spray many inches away from the roots. If you have thick hair (or if you have very dirty hair, use a comb to separate different sections while spraying). Oh, and flip your hair and spray there too.

3. Brush it out, massage the roots with your fingertips and tease your hair, girl. Personally, I like to use my fingers and massage my scalp to help lift my flat hair. The spray also adds just the right amount of texture that you can work with to style your ‘do.

4. There is no fourth tip. This is the lazy girl’s guide, remember?