AM to PM with Rebecca Bredholt

I have been extremely lucky to have some pretty cool bosses in my career so far (except for one, who was evil…but we’ll save that for another blog post). Meet Rebecca Bredholt, marketing consultant, manager at Vocus, a cloud marketing and PR software company in Beltsville, who also happens to be my current boss. I never have to worry about Rebecca catching me browsing websites like Sephora and Refinery29, because chances are she is too (now let’s hope her boss isn’t reading this). Today, Rebecca dishes on her spring beauty routine, her extreme obsession with lip gloss and her love for shellacking.

Rebecca Bredholt

Her AM routine:  “Skinceuticals Simply Clean Face Wash, Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, Skinceuticals B5, Bliss anti-aging moisture lotion, SPF 30, and Clarins Self Tanner.”

Currently in her makeup bag: “Maybelline Modern Metallics eyeshadow, Dior Foundation, Clinique lipstick, and Lancôme mascara.”

Mani or Pedi? “My toenails are always painted red or a fun pink in summer, and no polish in winter to give them a break. It’s the opposite for my nails. No color in summer. However, ever since giving birth I’ve lost the strong, hard nail bed I’ve always had so last week a manicurist talked me into this shellacking business, which has been great so far if you can afford it and find a color you can live with for two or three weeks before you have to get them maintained again. Great time saver for those of us who don’t have time to think about nails and want them perfect all the time.

Skincare essentials: “Moisturizer, deep mud masks and SPF.”

Current obsession: “I’ve always been obsessed with lip gloss. My favorites were from Victoria’s Secret, but they’ve discontinued them so I’m in search again. Plus now that my hair is light (blonde highlights) it washes me out and I need color on my lips to bring my face back into the picture.”

Rebecca Bredholt

Spring hair routine: “Cut it or let it grow. I use Redken Buttercream once a week or Ojai treatments.”

Favorite on-the-go products: “Bronzers, because if I don’t look dead I don’t look half bad. And lip gloss. Must always have lip gloss. I had it in the delivery room with me when my son was born… that and a diet coke.

Favorite go-to salons in the area: “There is only Yana! She’s at Smitten and you can’t have her.”

Her PM routine: “Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes, Skinceuticals, Body Shop Tea Tree Toner, Alpha hydrox Aha Soufflé, Skinceuticals night cream and retinol 1.0 percent around eyes.”

Rebecca’s beauty mantra: “Inside out. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, take care of your teeth and eyes, and try to forget about your oily T-zone that no product will fix.”