Molton Brown SPORT Collection for Men

Molton Brown SPORT reviewWhile my boyfriend is used to seeing my growing stash of beauty products, I think he was pleasantly surprised when I recently received samples from the new Molton Brown SPORT Collection for men. Just another reason why I love him. He is my guinea pig for trying products I can’t.

The Molton Brown SPORT Collection for men is the perfect alternative for that crappy bar of soap. The collection boasts a body-warming Sportsbalm (made for pre- and post-work outs), an anti-perspirant sportstick and my personal favorite, the 4-in1 Sportswash. The Sportwash works for daily face cleansing, shampoo and shave gel, making it the perfect multi-tasking travel product.

My boyfriend happens to be allergic to anti-perspirant, sadly, but he recently started using the 4-in-1 Sportswash on a daily basis. Blended with cassia bark to refresh and deodorize, it packs an ultra shine complex for hair and conditions skin for a softer and closer shave (plus it smells ah-maze). Basically, an essential for any low-maintenance man.

Molton Brown SPORT Collection, $22-$26; moltonbrown.comĀ