Farmacy Skincare Review: Honeymoon Glow Night Serum

Farmacy Skincare Review

Kara Ferguson The Beauty Minimalist

My sensitive skin has always been skeptical of overnight treatments, specifically resurfacing masks. I have a small fear of waking up and looking like a bright red tomato or even worse, covered in a rash from a single beauty product. Reading negative product reviews on Sephora’s website can be daunting!

The Farmacy Skincare Honeymoon Glow AHA Resurfacing Night Serum has been on my wish list for a while. I was first introduced to Farmacy by way of the best selling Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm (obsessed is an understatement). To be fully transparent, the price tag for Honeymoon Glow held me back from purchasing so I waited for a sale to purchase.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow is a cult favorite among skincare junkies and it’s touted as a three-in-one night serum intended to resurface, hydrate and clarify dull skin while you sleep. It’s formulated with a 14 percent AHA/BHA/gentle flower acid blend. The exfoliating ingredients in this serum are powerful when it comes to targeting hyperpigmentation and exfoliating dead skin cells; however, it’s the gentle flower acid blend that gave me reassurance this could work for my sensitive skin.

It always starts with a patch test for me. My skin is dramatically more sensitive in my 30s compared to my 20s so I always like to do a 24-hour wear test when I’m trying new skincare. After I tried a small patch test along my jaw, I didn’t notice any irritability or breakout so the following day I applied 2 pumps of product and applied it all over my face.

There’s a slight burning sensation I felt for the first few minutes and then it starts to fade. Whatever it’s doing while I sleep is definitely working because in the morning, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin. My face looks dewy, glowy and the texture feels smooth and supple. Even the pores around the sides of my nose look smaller in size. Also, no more dry patches!

I usually avoid posting selfies on the blog but I needed to document this *glow* because this is what I look like the morning after using this serum! Total game changer, worth every penny!

I’ve been using this treatment weekly for a couple months now and I’m hoping I can build up a tolerance from once a week to twice a week. The serum was the only full-size product included in the set I purchase so I’m really relieved this works for my sensitive skin!

The House of Gold set also came with deluxe samples of the Honey Halo Ceramide Moisturizer and the Honey Potion Hydrating Mask. Both of which were definitely worth trying but hard to speak to its efficacy as I haven’t incorporated them into my current skincare routine.

Have you tried Farmacy skincare products? Let me know your experience in the comments!

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