Glossier Lidstar Review + What It Means to be a Glossier Rep

Before I dive into my Glossier Lidstar review, I want to explain what it means to be a Glossier rep. There are a lot of misconceptions out there and I want to offer some clarity. Scroll down to learn more!

Review and swatches of all 8 shades of Glossier Lidstar via The Beauty Minimalist

First, I’m a Glossier rep and it’s not my full-time job (neither is my blog) and if you’re a casual reader you might already know that. Being a Glossier rep is like the equivalent of being a part an affiliate commission company (think rewardStyle or ShopStyle). Just like any other affiliate program, I make a small commission off orders purchased through my rep link. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

When someone takes the time to read my reviews and is influenced to purchase products through my affiliate link it really helps support this little side hustle of mine! If you have purchased through my affiliate links in the past, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

The reality is, I didn’t sign up to be a rep for the money but being a Glossier rep does have its perks. I get to learn about new products prior to launching, which is fun.

When people hear or read that I’m a Glossier rep, there’s an assumption that it’s just like being a “Younique rep” or “Rodan + Fields rep” or [insert another MLM rep]. The difference is, I don’t have quotas to fill and I’m never forced to push or promote a product. For the last 9 years I’ve been a content curator and what I love about being a Glossier rep is that no one dictates how I should talk about the products I use in my lifestyle (other than embargos on new releases… which is the norm for any media outlet).

I understand how some beauty “reps” can be overzealous on social media. Even at times I find myself scrolling through my feed and thinking, “I get it! You’re a rep for the brand.”

And of course, Glossier isn’t the only brand I’m obsessed with. I only talk about products I know and love, and of course use, in my every day life. And I have no issue sharing products that don’t work for me from this brand. But everyone’s experience is different.

I’ve been a fan of Glossier since its inception. I’ve been a rep for three years so if you ever have doubts about my genuine recommendations, feel free to search for old posts about Glossier products prior to 2017 and you’ll see just how much I love this brand prior to ever making a $1 off it.

OK, now on to my Glossier Lidstar review:

Glossier Lidstar Review and swatches of all 8 shades via The Beauty Minimalist

Glossier knows how to hype a makeup product, specifically Lidstar—a creamy eyeshadow designed to light up eyelids in a non-glittery way.

Glossier Lidstar currently offers eight “eye glow” shades:

Moon (sheer cream)
Slip (sheer baby pink)
Lily (sheer lilac)
Cub (rose gold shimmer)
Fawn (cool taupe with violet pearls)
Herb (smoky green with yellow gold pearl)
Bun (soft champagne with gold shimmer)
Branch (rich bronze with gold pearl)

Glossier Lidstar Swatches:

I wanted to show how these shades look IRL, so here are two photos of swatches. One was taken near a window using natural indirect light and the other was taken in direct sunlight. Some shades glisten more in the sun than others and that’s why I love them!

Lidstar shades swatches
Lidstar swatches in indirect sunlight


Glossier Lidstar swatches in direct sunlight
Lidstar swatches in direct sunlight

Glossier Lidstar Review:

In my opinion, these are the best no fail cream eyeshadows for any occasion. I find a lot of the shades versatile and complimentary for my eye color and skin tone. The subtle shimmer really gives you that ethereal eye look.

Cub is my favorite shade of the bunch, although the newest shade Bun comes in a close second. I also love wearing Lily during the spring/summer season. Moon is my go-to for that inner corner highlight (although it is patchy compared to the others). I used to mix Cub + Herb together for a bronzy eye look and now you can get that by using Branch.

I’ve tried my share of liquid eyeshadow and gaining control of the amount of product can be tricky. I think the doe foot applicator makes for a buildable application and I am really impressed with its staying power considering I have oily lids. It usually takes a few soaked cotton pads in micellar water to remove. Personally, I like to apply the product with a fluffy eyeshadow brush to evenly blend any harsh lines but you can also blend with your ring finger.

On the flipside, I found Glossier Lidstar shades to be super sheer. Compared to other liquid and cream eyeshadows, these shades are way less intense and ideal for the girl who wants just a wash of color. In the moment, I really wanted to pack on the color and it took me several swipes, and I found this part to a little time consuming for just one product. That said, Glossier has always touted a ‘no makeup’ makeup aesthetic and the intent with Lidstar is to be a sheer wash of color for your lids, so I tend to use them for exactly that purpose.

You can shop Lidstar here.


What about you? Have you tried Glossier Lidstar? What are your thoughts on the product? Let me know in a comment below!

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