Glossier Colorslide Review and Swatches

Glossier Colorslide Review and Swatches

Sharing my collection of Glossier Colorslide on

New Colorslide shades in Fuzz Club and Saturn Return

Sharing my Glossier Colorslide review, swatches and favorite shades from the collection.

Today’s post is all about Glossier Colorslide – a review of the silky gel eyeliner that is both long wearing and cruelty-free. Some of the shades are vegan, too!

A quick backstory: When the brand launched Glossier Play, a collection of “dialed-up beauty extras,” sales were lackluster and it never really took off. They discontinued the brand name but ended up merging some of the products into the main line, including Colorslide.

I’ve always loved colored eyeliner, even if I couldn’t always pull it off in an office setting. When Colorslide launched, I hadn’t really come across many gel eyeliners that I loved so I was eager to try these pencils.

Here’s my honest Glossier Colorslide review: some shades have become my holy grail, can’t-live-without products and others… not so much. I typically gravitate towards the earthy tones that will enhance my eye color and go with anything in my wardrobe.  That’s not to say though I don’t like to experiment with brighter colors every now and then, especially in the summertime!

Most of the pencils do have a silky texture that will glide along the lash line seamlessly and without issue. As someone with oily lids, the staying power of these pencils is pretty incredible too.

The Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners are more expensive ($22) and in my opinion, not very memorable. While I do love the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner formula, they are a splurge ($26 each!) so Colorslide is a much more affordable option ($15 each).

If you decide to purchase Colorslide, I would highly recommend that you also purchase the Blade, a german-engineered sharpener and Colorslide counterpart. Colorslides can’t be sharpened with regular pencil sharpeners so The Blade is essential. You should also sharpen before each use to prevent any tugging when applied. It will make a huge difference!

There are currently 14 shades in the collection. Two new shades were recently added while they discontinued a couple others. I currently own 13 shades, with two of them being discontinued (noted below). The only shades I don’t own are Sparkle Shark (a gunmetal grey), Jumbo (orange) and Disaster Class (wine red).

For reference, I have fair skin with neutral undertones and hazel eyes.

Here’s a closer look at the shades I currently own and which ones are my absolute favorites!

Glossier Colorslide Swatches

Swatches of Glossier Colorslide

Top Row (left to right)

Nectar: It’s a beautiful rich mustard color but I only use it in conjunction with Pretty Penny and Stable Relationship. Worn alone, it just doesn’t do much for me.

Stable Relationship: This is in my top rotation of Colorslides. The color really brings out the green in my hazel eyes and that’s why I love wearing it.

Pretty Penny (vegan): This is my favorite out of the entire collection and I use this the most often. It’s described as a metallic copper and it looks so good for those with brown/hazel eyes!

Cash Salad (vegan): This is a metallic, green-gold shade.

Brack: While it’s the most basic of Colorslide shades, it’s a nice dark brown pencil and you can never really go wrong with a staple shade.

Saturn Return: This is a new shade that was added to the collection and it’s a gorgeous metallic burgundy. This reminds me of Pretty Penny, except as you can see in the photo, looks richer in pigment. I think I may have a new favorite because this looks so gorgeous in person. I wore this the day it arrived on my doorstep and ended up washing it all over my lids because I love it so much.

Bottom Row (left to right)

Candyland (discontinued): If I recall correctly, it was described as a metallic sherbet/pink. I love wearing this when I wear Lidstar in Cub because it meshes perfectly!

Fuzz Club: It’s a beautiful powder blue and in my opinion, it’s the gel eyeliner version of Skywash in Pool.

Early Girl: I love this blue-green shade so much but I have a hard time wearing this when I have hazel eyes and fair skin. It’s so pretty to look at though!

Adult Swim: A deep indigo. If you love experimenting with color, then it’s a nice gem to own but I very rarely reach for this.

Hardcore Velvet: A beautiful deep teal that is very unique in color and that’s what prompted me to purchase a while back. I found this particular shade to be very soft in application as it glides effortlessly on my lash line.

Magic Carpet: A metallic jam color that looks similar to Saturn Return, except more berry toned. It’s a beautiful shade that I enjoy using in the fall/winter season.

Critical Mass (discontinued): Sadly, this was discontinued from the line but I love it so much! It’s a gorgeous magenta hue that matches perfectly with a sweater I own. I smudge this on my lower lash line for a pop of color.

Colorslide is available for $15 each or you can bundle and save if you decide to purchase with other Glossier makeup products. The Colorslide Duo + Blade ($23) is a bundled set and includes the sharpener, which I mentioned earlier is a must-have.

I am a Glossier affiliate so I make a small commission when you shop through my links. If you decide to, thank you so much!

UPDATE: As of March 2023, Glossier discontinued Colorslide and the Play makeup collection. If you’re interested in trying a similar formula, check out my review of their No. 1 Pencil!

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