In Hair Salons We Trust: Blowout Bar DC

Let me start by saying, I have always been a blowout addict. Even before these blow dry salons started popping up in the District, I was craving them before they were probably even conceived. My philosophy on blowout bars has always been the same too, the more the merrier! So of course, I was thrilled when I received an invite to experience a blowout at the newly opened Blowout Bar DC.

Blowout Bar DC review Politics of Pretty


The bar-like space boasts a pretty lavender and white color scheme (think color coordinated hair ties, lavender wallpaper, crystal chandeliers). With pop music playing in the background and a flat screen TV playing chick flicks, Blowout Bar makes you feel like you’re just getting ready at home (except here, you’ve got a receptionist slash bartender that will serve you anything from coffee to mimosas to sip on).

Blowout Bar DC - Politics of Pretty

For just $35, gals on the go will enjoy a wash, scalp massage and a blowout style of their choice in just 45 minutes. They also offer express blowouts (dry styles) and wash and styles for the kiddies, plus 10-minute long scalp massages, deep conditioning treatments, and up do’s (basically, ask and you shall receive). I got the Grace, smooth, soft curls on the ends (which totally gave my long bob some bounce!). Overall the customer service was good, the wash and scalp massage was relaxing and the final look was cute. While I probably wouldn’t trek in to DC just for a blowout, it’s nice to know I can pop in this hair shop before any event downtown. I also like the fact that it’s away from the hustle and bustle of certain parts of the city (read: easy to find parking!). The complimentary hair ties were convenient, as were the menus that included tips on the back of the card on how to make your blowout last all week (hint: all you need is a comb, brush and a hair tie).

Blowout Bar DC Politics of Pretty