Summer Travel Staple: LUSH Beach Box

I have an obsession with miniature sized beauty products. Case in point: the new limited edition LUSH Beach Box.

Perfect for any long-weekend or beach getaway, the Beach Box kit is packed with an Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub, Sea Spray, Seanik Solid Shampoo, Dream Cream Lotion, and Sea Vegetable Soap, all packaged in a cute eco-friendly mini portable brown box. Basically, everything you can’t live without when you’re on vacay.

Currently, I can’t stop spritzing my locks with the Sea Spray, a hair spray that adds shine to natural tresses and boasts a pretty floral perfume scent to refresh grimey hair. It’s got a hint of grapefruit in the spray, and for that, I love it. I also sampled the Dream Cream Lotion, a rich buttery cream that instantly moisturizes parched skin without any leftover greasy residue. The Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub smells ah-mazing, not to mention cleared my pores and small blemishes over the course of just a couple of applications. I’m saving the soap and solid shampoo for my trip to the beach in July.

LUSH Beach Box Gift, $29.95; available June 28th onĀ