Bill of Makeup Rights: Nomaterra’s ‘DC’ Fragrance

You’d think I have this exquisite collection of fragrances, delicately lined up on my vanity but in actuality, I live off department store samples stuffed in a small cosmetic bag. I know, so anti-chic. I guess you could say I’m a seasonal fragrance shopper.

But the latest addition to my stash of perfume samples has most certainly been a noteworthy one. I recently received a trio of Nomaterra fragrances, created by a former Glamour mag beauty editor turned fragrance connoisseur based in Brooklyn, NY. Combining her childhood memories of trips to DC and research on plants and spices in the area, made her creation of the Washington, DC scent resemble the political and powerful atmosphere Washingtonians love. A musky, citrus scent with middle notes of Cherry Blossom, Bay Leaf and Nutmeg, and base notes of warm vanilla and musk, it’s pretty much the city bottled up into one perfectly travel-sized perfume to take with you in between meetings, happy hour and date night. Washington, DC Eau de Parfum and 0.5 oz travel spray, $110;