The Best Drugstore Anti-Aging Mask Under $15

Kara Manos - Politics of Pretty

It’s rare to find a revitalizing drugstore anti-aging mask that works wonders in just 10 minutes—but lucky for me (and you), I found one. Hada Labo Tokyo is a Japanese skin care line that has seamlessly crept in to my daily beauty routine (I use its Age Correcting Eye Cream daily). I’ve been experiencing a mini stay-cation as I transition in to a new full-time job and it has allowed me to enjoy some serious “me time.” This traditional mask contours to the shape of your face and is easy to apply (just be careful you don’t rip the mask when opening it up to place). It’s drenched in its serum formula and has a refreshing cooling effect on skin. I have sensitive skin so I highly recommend this if you need something effective but safe on all skin types. I filed my nails as I relaxed for 10 minutes with mask (I also scared my cat as he walked by on his way to the litter box). After I removed the mask, I gently patted the excess product on my face and décolletage. My complexion felt soft and supple, not to mention looked as though I had just experienced a luxury facial at a spa. One box includes four facial masks but the price is so right (on sale at Ulta right now for $12.74), it’s definitely worth buying in bulk.

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