Ask Kara: No, We Don’t Want No Smudge…

Dear DCShopGirl,

How do keep mascara off my eye lids?

PS: I love your new blog!!! LIOB!! <3

-Lash Girl Problems 

Ah, lash problems. I’ve always been told to apply mascara with my chin up, looking down and then wait five seconds before blinking. When I’m coating my lower lashes, I look up and I apply mascara holding the brush vertically. This helps me minimize any extra smudge.

If that doesn’t help, take a plastic spoon (I would avoid any soup spoons 🙂 and hold it between your lid and lashes, while applying mascara. All the excess mascara should swipe on to the spoon instead of your lid.

Your question actually sparked a little bit product research which brings me to your another option. A mascara shield! I haven’t tried it so I can’t vouch for it but for a mere $10, it may be worth a swipe.

Happy lids sans mascara!