7 Tips on How to Be a Beauty Product Minimalist

7 Tips for Living a Beauty Minimalist Lifestyle
Glossier makeup essentials

How to maintain a beauty product minimalist lifestyle and avoid overspending.

Becoming a beauty product minimalist is easy; maintaining it is another story.

A quick back story: Back in 2020 I rebranded my blog from Politics of Pretty to The Beauty Minimalist because I’ve always gravitated towards minimal makeup looks and I started to adopt a beauty product minimalist lifestyle. Yes, I’ve tried a lot of products because I do write a beauty blog. I used to test up to 30 products in a single week but ultimately that became time consuming and expensive. Nowadays I only test products that truly interest me and the majority of the time I spend my own money so I’m especially picky about the products I add to my collection. Simply put, when it comes to my daily routine, less is more.

The key to being more of a beauty product minimalist is about using less products while seeking more benefits and spending less money. If that interests you, keep reading!

Tips for using what you have and how to stop overspending on beauty products
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Glossier empties via The Beauty Minimalist
Glossier Empties: Cloud Paint in Puff, Priming Moisturizer and Super Bounce

Here are seven tips on how to be a beauty product minimalist:

Tip #1: Declutter often and only keep the essentials  

This might be the most time-consuming project depending on what you already have in your arsenal but well worth it.

Assess the products you already own and get rid of the ones you don’t use, don’t care for or forgot about. If they are new or gently used items, you may be able to donate them to a local women’s shelter. If they are old or expired, toss them!

I recommend decluttering your beauty collection seasonally, so you can seamlessly transition products between seasons at the same time.

Tip #2: Be picky about the items you purchase

I’ll admit I always tend to keep searching for the “next best [insert beauty product here]” but I tend to always circle back to the most tried and true products I already own.

You can gather all the free beauty samples your heart desires but try to be more ruthless about your full-size product purchases. Ask yourself:

  1. Do you need it?
  2. Will it add value to your life?
  3. Do you already have something similar in your collection?

If you have any hesitation about a potential product adding value to your lifestyle and routine, then don’t buy it.

Tip #3: Keep your beauty products visible at all times.

This might be hard to do but just like with wardrobe you want to make sure you use what you have and you can’t always use what you have if it’s not in plain sight.

I really love using acrylic organizers to hold all my lipsticks and glosses. I also use small trays to hold any products that stand upright. If my vanity starts to get messy, I’ll pack away the products I’m currently not using in a makeup bag but I’ll always keep the bag open and sitting on my vanity so I know exactly where it is.

Tip #4: Opt-out of marketing messages and resist temptation  

You know that saying, “outta sight, outta mind”? When you unsubscribe from the marketing messages and emails, you’ll be less tempted to shop and keep spending money all the time. Same thing goes for social media ads. Hide or dismiss the ads from brands you’d be the most tempted to look at. I promise it will make a difference!

Tip #5: Use what you have

There’s no better feeling than using what you have, especially when you reach empty. The excitement of restocking on your favorite product or option to try something else will still be there, trust me.

If you need inspiration, I recommend checking out the project pan community on Reddit. It’s filled with posts by community members sharing progress on the products they use and product empties.

Tip #6: Utilize the return and exchange policy when needed.

When I shop for a new pair of jeans online and if they don’t fit, I return them. Why is it that we don’t do the same for beauty products?

There is a common misconception that when you purchase a product and you open and use it that it’s no longer eligible to be return but that’s not true. Whether you’re unhappy with the results or it’s not the right shade or best match for your skin tone, don’t be afraid to take it back. Otherwise, it’ll just collect dust on your vanity and eventually expire.

I wrote a blog post here on the most common beauty retailers (including drugstores) and its return policies so you can stay informed.

Tip #7: Kindly refuse products you don’t need or want

This happens all too often. A close friend or relative decides to declutter their own space and in turn, tries to offload their junk and pass it on to you!

Accepting gently used makeup or skincare might seem harmless and in theory, save you some money, but don’t accept what you don’t want or need.

I hope you found these tips helpful on how to be a beauty product minimalist! Be sure to share your own tips in the comments!