Happy New Year + 2019 Beauty Goals

2019 beauty resolutions

Happy New Year!

As I write today’s annual New Year’s post and share my 2019 beauty goals, I’m reflecting on the highs and lows of 2018. You may not know this, but I happen to be a huge Bravo fan and I love how Andy always asks the The Real Housewives on what their “rose and thorn” are from their respective seasons during the reunion. So I’m going to share my rose and thorn of 2018.

My rose: Having the opportunity to travel to so many cities this year (Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Chincoteague Island, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and NYC). Getting to go to the Taylor Swift Reputation Tour (my first T. Swift concert!) and visiting the Glossier showroom were also memorable moments. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2019.

My thorn: If you’re a frequent reader of this blog then you saw back in August I was laid off from my full-time job. This was the second layoff I’ve endured in my career and I thought it would be easier than the first… and I was very wrong about that. Getting laid off is like mental warfare. It made me question my capabilities as a marketer and then it made me take a hard look at the types of jobs I go for. This year I learned that working for companies that are owned by private equity firms are no bueno. They don’t care about people—just their bottom line. I also learned I need to stop working for companies that don’t care about or see the value in marketing.

To close my 2018 on a positive note, I did end up getting a great job in marketing near my house. Taking this job made me realize my happiness is more important than money and material things.

Looking Back: 2018 Beauty Goals

Try more eye makeup looks. I purchased so many amazing eyeshadow palettes this year that it forced me to spend more time practicing different eye makeup looks and watching LOTS of video tutorials. 

Do at least 3 beauty video tutorials. Ugh. I didn’t realize how hard filming and editing really is. I need to invest in a tripod (a pile of coffee table books and a shoebox just aren’t cutting it). I did film one “get ready with me” that is now on my IGTV

Find the best long-lasting eye primer. I tried a few eye primers and nothing really compared to my OG Laura Mercier Eye Basics in linen. It’s the only product that eliminates any redness and veins (besides concealer) and keeps my lids from getting so oily. 

Maintain a consistent exfoliating schedule. For once I actually feel like I have a consistent exfoliating schedule, and an even better skincare routine. Ever since I made the switch to a chemical exfoliator, my skin has experienced way less breakouts. 

Travel more. I never made it to southern California, but I did travel quite a bit in 2018: Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Chincoteague Island, Atlanta, and Brooklyn. 

Looking Ahead: 2019 Beauty Goals

Incorporate more clean beauty products into my beauty routine. I purchased a few clean beauty products towards the end of 2018 and now I have more of an interest than ever before.

Publish more video content. I know I failed last year in this category but I’d like to revisit this goal and actually check this off my list. 

Declutter my beauty vanity. It’s gotten out of control. I always have a hard time parting ways with beauty products I haven’t even used but it’s time to start fresh. 

More spa treatments. Call me selfish but this is one area I desperately need more of this year. Facials, massages… I even want to try acupuncture. Self-care is important.

Enjoy the things I have and spend less. I know this kind of contradicts my first beauty goal but I’d like to be more conscious of my spending habits and cut back on shopping—clothes, jewelry, and yes, even beauty products. 

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year! I would love to know, what are your 2019 beauty goals?