Kilian Hennessy at Saks Fifth Avenue

Consider this a divine fragrance intervention: for anyone who has yet to find their “scent,” or looking for something new to add to your vanity, Kilian Hennessy‘s new Asian Tales collection may be the answer to your search.  Here, Kilian chats with me about his favorite scent, Washington women, and what we look for in a fragrance.

Tell me about your new Asian Tales Collection and the inspiration behind it. 

Kilian Hennessy: I created this sister collection to “L’Oeuvre Noire” for the launch of the brand in Hong Kong with my retailer partner, Harvey Nichols. I wanted to create a collection of perfumes that would speak to the mind as much as the senses… a collection that would be a moment of spirituality.

What fragrance is your personal favorite?

KH: I love them both [Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy] for different reasons but I must admit that I have a weakness for Bamboo Harmony. The accord blending white tea with citrus notes and hint of Mate Essence and Oak moss created by Calice Becker is really unique.

What’s trending this season in terms of scent?

KH: I have no idea! It does not interest me to be really honest, as I focus on my own creative process. If I knew what would be the trend, I would make sure my new scents would go in the opposite direction!

What do you think is the ideal fragrance for the Washington woman?

KH: I am sure that it is the same for every woman. A fragrance that leaves a unique trail, composted with the most beautiful essential oils and a fragrance that makes her feel strong, beautiful and sure of herself!

Kilian Hennessy will be joining Saks Fifth Avenue at Tysons Galleria this Saturday from 1-5pm to meet and greet with shoppers and debut his new Asian Tales collection. Saks encourages attendees to request an appointment to meet with Kilian personally.