Why A Scrunchie is the Best Hair Accessory

When was the last time you wore a scrunchie? I think I was 16 the last time I reached for one and it was only because I couldn’t find a hair tie in my room so I took the closest hair accessory off my mom’s vanity—a bright colored scrunchie.

At The Blog Societies Conference, Goody Hair was a sponsor and they graciously gifted us with a pack of scrunchies—the 80s marvel of a hair accessory.

At first I couldn’t help but chuckle because I did not know these were still around and then, I misplaced my trusty little hair clip and found myself left depending on none other than a scrunchie. And it was the best decision because I’ve basically fallen back in love with them.

First, and foremost, the scrunchie is in my opinion, a tried and true ouchless hair tie. Sure, I know there are multiple brands and products that claim to be “ouchless” but I have yet to use an elastic that doesn’t give me a headache.

They also cause the least amount of damage to your tresses. Every time I undo a messy bun or ponytail, my elastic also pulls out about 3-5 strands of hair long with it. With a scrunchie, I never have that problem! They will never rip out your hair and they are much less likely to cause breakage. As a 30-year-old with thin tresses, I really appreciate this the most.

Wearing a scrunchie is stylish again. There are plenty of colors and textures to go with just about any outfit and at the end of the day, a scrunchie has one purpose: to have and to hold your hair back. Just avoid the side pony!

So, do you love scrunchies as much as I do right now? Let me know your favorite hair accessory in the comments!

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