Tools of The Trade: The Beautyblender

I love putting on makeup, but I hate that caky feeling on my fingers. So when I switched to the triangle sponges, I thought that would solve my beauty dilemma. But when I started using them, I noticed my makeup never looked even.

Thankfully, another amazing break through in beauty came through. Meet the Beautyblender ($35 for sponge and cleanser). It’s the newest makeup applicator on the market that’s perfect for anyone who a) hates applying foundations/primers with their fingertips; b) has streaks and uneven complexion even after applying; and c) can’t stand those little triangle sponges (ahem).

The elliptical shape makes it easy for makeup junkies to apply makeup evenly and helps blend makeup to cover any blemishes and it’s easy to wash after every use.,

Tips for using the Beautyblender:

Bounce the sponge off your face when applying makeup. Use the pointed side for hard-to-reach spots and to cover tiny blemishes. Use it when damp when you’re applying wet/dry makeup (it grows two sizes when it’s wet).