3 Reasons to Try Alchimie Forever’s Brightening Peel

When I think about skincare peels, I immediately cringe about a horrible past experience. Except, it wasn’t my own horrible experience, it was just an episode of Sex & The City. Ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ about. But when Alchimie Forever founder Ada Polla told me about this brightening peel, the latest addition to the beloved sensitive skincare family, I knew it couldn’t be anything like that Samantha Jones experience. I could go on and on about just how powerful (and gentle) this peel is, but I thought this sums it up best:

1. It works for every skin type.
“This professional-only peel has been formulated to yield immediate and visible results that is ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin,” says Drs. Luigi and Barbara Polla, co-creators of Alchimie Forever.

2. The benefits post-peel are numerous.
This treatment is the ultimate multi-tasker. You’ll have to brace yourself as we list ‘em: immediate firming and tightening effect, anti-aging properties (think reduction of fine lines), antioxidant effect, evening out of pigmentation, refining of pores, exfoliation and smooth skin, minimization of breakouts and acne, facilitates extractions. Need we say more?

3. You won’t leave the spa looking like you just had a peel.
Unlike other peels in the market, Dr. Luigi Polla developed each peel’s five acids, including blueberry extra to ensure visible results and anti-redness properties. “The anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties of the blueberries really help to quell these two side effects of any peel (inflammation and redness),” he says.

The brightening peel is available at LifeSpa (see locations here) and other leading spa locations in the District. Peel treatment only, 30 minutes, $75.