8 Tips on Maintaining Your Back-to-School Blowout

Last Thursday I experienced a cut and blowdry at Toka Salon Georgetown. I left the salon with a sleek new ‘do, one that I loved so much (thanks, Nuri!), I spent my weekend trying to prolong it for as many Labor Day parties as possible. And we all know, whether you’re chopping off one inch or six, the best take-home souvenir from the salon is a perfect blowout. Maintaining it though is another story. That’s why I’ve enlisted the help of Nuri Yurt, owner of Toka Salon and hairstylist to a bevy of Washington power players, not to mention former First Ladies. Yurt carefully examined my face shape and hair (and asked me what I preferred!) before he picked up his clippers. Here, Yurt spills eight top-notch secrets to help you keep that gorgeous blowdry in tact.

  1. Schedule your blowdry after you exercise. Sweat means moisture and oil on the scalp.
  2. For girls with curls: If you have naturally curly hair and you get a straight blowdry, use a flat brush before bed for a few minutes.
  3. If you have a beach or wavy look on fine straight hair: use soft rollers in the evening and spritz a little soft hold spray and sleep on it. In the morning, follow up with a blowdryer on low heat on top of rollers.
  4. When showering, avoid moisture. Use a shower cap and seal well. After the shower, bend over and lift roots with a flat brush for straight hair.
  5. To freshen, bend over with your head down and use a blowdryer to remove any moisture from the scalp.
  6. Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase at night.
  7. Apply dry shampoo at the roots. This will help extend the life of a blowdry.
  8. For a more voluminous blowdry, bend over and use fingers to lift roots and use a blowdry on low heat at the roots.