What’s Your Girl Truth?

Veet Spray On Cream - Politics of Pretty

As a true girly girl, I have some weird regimens. I like to read fashion magazines starting on the last page and working my way to the front while snacking on (goat) cheese and crackers; I like to pour a quarter of a cup of milk on my hair before I take a shower (for soft and smooth tresses); and I always prefer to shave my legs before I go get a pedicure. Needless to say I have many “girl truths” but these silly rituals aren’t worth giving up—except maybe shaving. Shaving has become my necessary evil. It’s time consuming and expensive (when you really think about how often you are purchasing shaving cream and razors). It usually elicits a fair amount of “ouch” moments and nicks, and no matter how meticulous I am, I always end up missing a spot (one that my fiancé notices).

I remember using Veet during my “tween” years when my sister made me terrified of shaving with a regular razor. So when Veet reached out to me, it brought back major nostalgia to my middle school days. I had no hesitation sampling their latest collection because Veet was my alternative to shaving when I was 13. I’m a huge fan of their Spray on Cream, which dissolves hair close to the root in just five minutes. The spatula works effectively for a mess-free application and its Aloe Vera and Vitamin E formula helps leave my skin feeling great.

So tell me—what’s your girl truth?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Veet.