Skin Authority Bright Skin Duo Review

Skincare bright skin Don’t we all want naturally brighter skin? I used to think it came from a tube of tinted moisturizer but when it comes to achieving naturally glowing skin, it’s all about the skincare products you use. I’m always a little weary when it comes to testing skincare products because you just don’t know what type of results they’ll yield (oh, the things I do for this blog). But when I was gifted with a bevy of products from the prestige skin care line, Skin Authority, I couldn’t resist.

I was immediately drawn to their new Bright Skin Duo, which includes the Age Defying Moisturizer with SPF 18 and Brightening Serum Treatment as well as a microfiber cosmetic travel totes (bonus!). The duo boasts results in clarity, brightness and moisture, thanks to its dual-action packed formula of antioxidants, advanced peptide and botanical suppressors and other good for your skin ingredients. Over the course of two weeks, it promises to ease spots, brighten complexion, firm tone, and repair damage.

Following my daily cleansing routine, I applied a small amount of the serum to needed areas (anywhere I had slight discoloration), before moisturizing and doing my makeup. Over the course of just two weeks, I noticed an overall brighter complexion (I wasn’t glowing like a light bulb, but I did notice my skin didn’t look as dull as it used to). Both formulas offer light weight texture consistencies and my skin immediately absorbed it in several seconds (guess that shows just how deprived my skin was feeling). Here’s to brighter days!

Skin Authority Bright Skin Duo with gift travel tote, $88;