‘Round the Clock with Monika of Champagne Picnic

“Anyone who has ever taken a peek inside my makeup bag knows that I am a true mascara junkie. It’s my one can’t-live-without product and I never leave the house without putting it on. Here, I share my “’round the clock” regimen along with some of my favorite tubes, tools, and tricks today!”

“For a daytime lash look, it is important to focus on the lengthening and cleanliness of the eyelashes. You want to keep it simple and the office isn’t the best place to display your diva-like lashes.

One of my most recent discoveries is CK One Color Mascara. This mascara is perfect for the daytime as it defines, separates, and doesn’t clump. Surprisingly, Kat Von D makes a great mascara, which always left my lashes perfectly separated and gave a real clean look.

“When the workday is done and you are ready for a night out on the town, it is time to take your lashes to the next level. Dior Extase has never let me down (let’s be honest, when does Dior let anyone down?).

I always use eyelash primer before applying my mascara for a night out. Primer preps your lashes for the mascara, gives you some extra length, and helps keep the mascara on longer. My favorite is Smashbox Layer Lash Primer.

If I am feeling real ritzy, I go with the falsies. I have been very loyal to MAC for many years and I have found that their 1 Lash false eyelashes give me a voluminous full look but still look natural. I always pair with Duo Eyelash Adhesive.”

Tool and Tricks
“One of my favorite little tricks is to take your hair dryer and blow some warm air on the eyelash curler for about 5-7 seconds, then curl your lashes. This will give you a bigger, longer lasting curl, and will take your lashes to the next level.

I am kind of a freak with mascara (can’t you tell?) so I always have at least two different kinds in my make up bag at all times and more often than not, I use both at once.  Sometimes if I like the volume I get from one brand and the brush on another– I will pair them! Before bed, I like to use Clinque Take the Day Off that will leave you make-up less before you can snap your fingers.”

Baltimore based blogger Monika Reynolds writes about all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle on her website, Champagne Picnic.