In Hairstylists We Trust: Joey Noufal

While your calendar is filling up with holiday parties and can’t-miss gift shopping events, there’s a good chance you’ll be left with a tight schedule and an even tighter budget. But don’t let that kill your holiday spirit! Joey Noufal, owner and sought-after hairstylist of Noufal Haircolor Studio, is spreading some serious holiday cheer with three chic, not to mention quick (10 minutes or less!) DIY hair ideas for every hair length. Don’t worry, you can thank him later.

If you have long hair: Joey says, “keep the style casual yet flirty with big, soft curls. To achieve the look, use a 1 ½’’ barrel curling iron and a can of hair spray. Begin by rolling the hair up in a spiral formation, let the curl set and then hair spray it. Repeat steps until all of the hair is curled and add additional hair spray at the end if desired.  It’s important to note that you shouldn’t brush out the curl.”

If you have long or mid-length hair: “The perfect pony tail has a shiny and sleek look that will go perfectly to with any party dress. Use a hair band, can of hair spray, comb and shine serum to perfect this look. Start by adding shine serum to prep the hair, then pull the hair back with a flat brush to remove all bumps and smooth out the front, then secure the pony tail with a hair band. Once secure, run hair spray through the tail to reduce flyaways and add spray to your sleek smooth front.”

If you have short hair: “Bump up the volume by adding fullness to the crown area. You will need a rat tail comb and hair spray; you can section the hair and back comb each section at the root 3-4 times. The more sections you do, the more volume you can add.  When finished spray the crown area and smooth the top piece, which will create volume and fullness.”