Quarantine & Chill: My Work From Home Makeup Routine

My Work from Home Makeup Routine during COVID-19

I’ve been working from home every day for over two weeks now. I’m sure like most people, I haven’t had the desire to wear much makeup; however, my company loves to do video conference calls and I need to look somewhat presentable for those meetings.

I will admit getting ready as if I’m going to go to the office has definitely been an instant mood booster for me. The more I stick to a routine, the more productive I am and less anxiety I have.

Lack of exercise has been my downfall though. I don’t have any in-home equipment since I’ve always had access to my clubhouse workout room. Women’s Health Magazine is doing a week of Instagram Live workouts so my plan is to tune into a few of those this week.

In terms of my work from home makeup routine, I’ve been keeping things light and simple, using only a few products.

Covergirl Skin Milk Foundation has honestly exceeded my expectations because its lightweight but still covers redness and uneven skin tone. I haven’t purchased a drugstore foundation in over two years (the last time was a Rimmel London Foundation). I wear the 2nd lightest shade, Fair 520. It has a dewy finish. I apply a small amount and apply with a brush or sponge.

If I didn’t get much sleep the night before (because you know, anxiety), I’ll tap a little of the Stretch Concealer under my eyes to help brighten the area. Since the Skin Milk and concealer have a dewy finish, I’ll do a light dusting of setting powder.

I haven’t been wearing any eyeshadow. If I’m feeling really productive and inspired, I’ll apply Lidstar. Otherwise, I think mascara and defined brows helps me look more awake and fresh faced. I’ll wear a couple layers of Lash Slick mascara and brow gel.

For a little color on my complexion, I’ll layer my Benefit Hoola Lite bronzer on my face and then a cool pink powder blush on the apples of my cheeks so I don’t look so ghostly on the web cam.

I don’t have any desire or need to wear lipstick while working from home so I’ve been rotating between my favorite flavors of Balm Dotcom to keep my lips hydrated: rose, birthday and coconut.

I know makeup/beauty might be the last thing on anyone’s minds right now but I hope my content can continue to be an escape for those wanting a break from the news and uncertainty.

I hope everyone reading this continues to stay at home. Stay safe and healthy!