Pucker Up: Benefit Beauty Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

Just when I thought Benefit Beauty has done it all (except for maybe nail polish, which I will patiently wait for), the ladies behind Benefit’s ultra ah-mazing line of powders and tints, develop an uber soft formula for our lips. Complementing their box o’ powders, their new line of ultra plush lip glosses (available in six shades) offer an abundance of soft, silky gloss; perfect for those summer nights.

My first go-to? My personal favorite, CORALista. After applying a thin coat of this sheer coral, it instantly made my lips feels smooth. So what did I do next? I kissed my boyfriend. Kidding… kind of. I applied another coat and then I kissed my boyfriend. His response: “Mmm not as sticky.”

Available in July, $16 & boyfriend approved.