AM to PM with Metrocurean’s Amanda McClements

“I have sort of an ‘earth mama’ ethic when it comes to beauty. I seek out products that are as natural as possible (with a few exceptions) and I keep my routine pretty low maintenance. In the morning, I splash cold water on my face and then moisturize with Suki Pure Facial Moisture Balancing oil. I adore Suki products. They’re super high quality, very pure ingredients. I also love a spritz of the Balancing Toner. Or I’ll use John Masters Pomegranate Facial Nourishing Oil. For the body, I love Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil, with a few drops of essential oil added in, makes the best moisturizer.

I avoid the hair dryer at all costs in the summer, and I’m a big fan of messy, beachy hair. Thanks to a super cut from Kelly Gorsuch (a master hair sculptor) at Immortal Beloved, I pretty much either wake up, tousle and go; or shower, towel dry, spritz on some homemade salt water spray, and let it air dry. If I have time, I’ll twist segments back and pin them in a bun to dry, which creates great waves.

For daytime makeup I use Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation, one of the best all-natural makeups I’ve found. I like Smashbox Baked Starburst Bronzer. I love Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara—the brush is amazing. It’s so fine and separates all the lashes. If I want a dusting of finish powder to take off some shine, I use Mineral Fusion Pressed Foundation. For evenings, I’ll add Clinique Color Surge eyeshadow, Mineral Fusion Blush and L’Oreal HiP Studio shadow (I use the navy powder as a eyeliner). In my handbag you’ll find Badger Lip Balm (unscented), Vapour Lip Gloss and EO Lavender Wipes.

Before bed, I like Aura Cacia Pure Sweet Almond Oil to remove eye makeup, and Thayers Witch Hazel (unscented, alcohol-free) to remove the rest; then a little elbow grease with a warm washcloth. Sometimes I’ll make a little scrub with powdered green clay and water (this makes a great mask and spot treatment).

I think I need to add a few indulgences. More massages would be nice. I get my hair cut like three times a year. Maybe I should that more often too. I do my own nails a lot, but when I have time, I hit Q-West.”

Amanda McClements (@Metrocurean) is the creator and editor of Washington’s beloved food blog, Metrocurean